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How a Kevin Randleman Phone Call Saved Fan’s Life

UFC Hall of Famer Kevin Randleman had a legendary fighting career. However, his greatest moment may have come outside the cage.

In an interview with MMA TRUFAN, a fan named Marcus Sewell recalled a time when he was considering taking his own life before receiving a phone call from Randleman.

“I had this thought that I should really just end my life. I went onto Twitter like, ‘This is the end and stuff like that. I can’t take life anymore. Goodbye’”

“I was really going to do it. I went somewhere, found rope wherever my dad’s shed was. I get a notification on Twitter. It was from Kevin Randleman. I think it was a private message. He was like, ‘Hey, are you okay? What’s going on?’ I just flat out said, ‘I’m just about to kill myself.’ He was like, ‘What’s your number?’ and I gave it to him. A couple minutes later I get a call from a withheld number… He said, ‘Hello, is this Marcus?’ It was Kevin and I broke the f—k down.”

An Emotional Rollercoaster

Sewell was stunned by Randleman’s call. He shared the surreal moment and mixed feelings he felt.

“One minute you’re about to kick the chair out from under you and the next second you’re talking to ‘The Monster’ himself,” Sewell continued. “He talked to me a lot about what happened in his childhood. About 20 minutes goes by and I told him I want to make a change for myself. He told me, ‘You have to do something about it. I don’t want you to get off this phone and not do nothing about it. Do something about it.’ I thanked him and I went and got into counseling. I had never talked about when I was molested when I was younger. If Kevin hadn’t talked to me about it, I wouldn’t have faced that issue. Without Kevin Randleman calling me, I’d probably be dead in the ground.”

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