Sean Strickland

Kids ring Sean Strickland’s door bell at night, former UFC champ walks out with gun

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland was the victim of a prank that could have gone terribly wrong for some neighborhood kids.

Strickland shared a video to Instagram account in what appears to be security footage from his doorbell camera. In the clip you can see children run toward the house. They appear to ring his bell and flee.

The former champion posted the below caption.

“It’s 1am and I get a ring alert. Car pulls you and some guys jump out and go to the side of my house, in the process of covering my white ass I hear a bang lol

“You guys have a car, it’s Friday a night why aren’t you out trying to get P? Kids these days. All the wrong priorities.

“Didn’t see the doorbell alert till after… Just so you all know! I get crazy stuff sent to my house…. lol!”


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Had the champion seen the kids in action he may have appeared with the gun in hand at the time of the incident.

Strickland returns at UFC 302 in Newark, New Jersey opposite Paulo Costa.

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