King of the Cage: Capital Punishment live results

King of the Cage: Capital Punishment live results

King of the Cage has been one of the one of the longest running MMA promotions, staying active and promoting top level talent since 1998. With countless shows under their belt, tonight, September 7th they touch down in Harrisburg, PA. With many of the fighters on this card being top tier talents in their respective weight classes in the region, King of the Cage: Capital Punishment is set to explode with violence!

Originally slated to be headlined by Jordan Morales taking on Tom Espinosa, a last minute medical issue held up the contest, ultimately ruling in it being canceled. Stepping up to the main event spot will be Joshua Jackson who will be taking on Jake Kozorosky in a welterweight contest that Jackson is confident that he’ll be “taking him out” as stated in this pre fight interview with

In the co-main event, Michael “No Mercy” Serrano takes on the lengthy striker in Scott “Dead Serious” Dirkson in a bantamweight bout. Both fighters are coming in with a devastating win on their mind. Dirkson has previously commented on Serrano’s cardio and looks to capitalize early in the bout. Serrano didn’t take lightly to the comment as Dirkson seemingly awoke an inner demon Serrano needed to channel to bring the beast out. “No Mercy” indicates with the pressure he plans to put on his opponent, “the fans are the winners, tonight”

Other notable standouts on the card being Travis “Nothing2Something” Creamer who will be making his long awaited return to the cage after a 3 year hiatus taking on powerhouse, Tyler Collins. Also, local brawling black belt, Jon “Lionheart” Tuxford is making his highly anticipated pro debut on the evening.


(170 lbs) Jake Kozorosky vs Josh Jackson

Round 1: Both fighters start the bout taking their turns exchanging heavily. Kozorosky switches levels early and looks for the rear naked choke with Jackson pressed against the fence. He gives up on it and the fighters stand. Jackson lands a heavy headkick and Kozorosky changes levels again for the takedown. Kozorosky works his way to full mount, postures up and peppers some ground and pound. Jackson slows the pace by tying up his opponent. Kozorosky uses the position to look for Jacksons neck. Jackson exposes his arm, and Kozorosky wastes no time snatching it up and rolling back for the armbar finish. Jackson defends diligently for a bit, but ultimately is forced to tap.

Winner via armbar at 2:38 of round 1: Jake Kozorosky

(135 lbs) Mike Serrano vs Scott Dirkson

Round 1: Serrano leads by chopping at the legs early. Dirkson throws a headkick and Serrano marches forward looking to make it a dirty boxing bout against the fence. Dirkson fires a knee up the middle landing to Serrano’s chin. Serrano lands a heavy slam and Dirkson looks for the gogoplata. Serrano stands up and absorbs several brutal up-kicks from a grounded Dirksen. Serrano stands up to let Dirkson get to his feet. Serrano is the aggressor but Dirkson is landing counter strikes at Serrano’s every attempt. Serrano lands an uppercut that backs up Dirksen as Serrano blitzes forward, missing narrowly with his follow up. Dirksen lands a straight hook combination as Serrano fires a kick that lands low causing a halt in the contest. The action resumes and Dirksen throws a roundhouse that narrowly misses. Serrano blitzes forward with a barrage but is met by ‘Dirkson’s accurate countering which stops him in his tracks. Serrano presses forward again with Dirkson who is against the cage. Switches levels for the bell to sound.

Round 2: Both fighters meet in the center of the cage for a brief feeling out process. They engaged briefly but no sooner than the round began, it ended with a vicious right hook landing after Serrano slipped a jab from Dirkson. The right hook was timed perfectly, and landed clean on the chin, sending Dirkson crashing back with his head bouncing off the canvas. Serrano went to follow up but was met with the referee intervening in what could be knockout of the night.

Winner via KO; 28 seconds into round 2: Mike “No Mercy” Serrano

(160 lbs) Travis Creamer vs Tyler Collins

Round 1: Creamer meets Collins in the middle and as they engage forward, Creamer scores the trip landing on Collins. Creamer lands heavy ground and pound and Collins scrambles to his feet. The fighters circle and Collins is able to secure a takedown of his own. Creamer ties Collins up on the ground as Collins tries to posture up for his own ground and pound. In a scramble Collins secures side mount. The ground battle continues with Creamer scrambling from position to position, giving up his back and fighting off the rear naked. Collins makes his way to full mount and locks up the head an arm choke. Creamer fights it but as it sinks tighter, referee, Bill Bookwalter lifts Creamers arm for a reaction, sees none and waves off the bout.

Winner via Technical Submission (Head and arm choke) at 3:37 seconds into round 1: Tyler Collins


(205 lbs) Jon Tuxford vs David White

Round 1: Tuxford marches forward abruptly into two right hooks thrown by White as he was circling out connecting clean to Tuxfords chin sending him crashing to the canvas. White wasted no time pouncing on his downed opponent with brutal ground and pound to put Tuxford away for good as referee Bill Bookwalter came running in to call a halt to the contest.

Winner via 10 second KO: David White

(135 lbs) Jillian Boyer vs. Samantha D’Angelo

Round 1: Both fighters come in swinging heavy leather. Boyer is connecting with jab-straight combinations that have D’Angelo backing up early but these fighters are swinging for the fence. The dust settles Briefly as the fighters reset, and then go back to engaging. This time D’Angelo is on the better end of the straight punch combinations, backing up Boyer. Boyer switches levels for a takedown, only to back up D’Angelo to the cage and the bell for round 1 sounds.

Round 2: Boyer is setting up the technical punches while D’Angelo is keeping her opponent off balance and making it a brawl. D’Angelo closes the distance, backing Boyer to the cage as she swings wildly. When D’Angelo is on the offense and when she connects, she connects with force, but she’s picking when she puts pop behind her punches, moreover focusing on a steady flow of punch output.

Round 3: Boyer presses the action early by coming forward with heavy punches but is met with another onslaught of D’Angelo. Boyer switches levels and backs D’Angelo to the fence. D’Angelo fires knees in the clinch and circles, pressing Boyer against the cage. With 10 seconds left, D’Angelo creates space and fires straight 1-2 punches down the pipe to close out this bout.

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Samantha D’Angelo

(185 lbs) Dwayne Pepper vs Kyle Beaver

Round 1: Beaver fires a leg kick early and shoots for the takedown but Pepper is able to defend it and score a takedown of his own. Pepper cracks Beaver to the midsection to soften his foe up. The round closes with Pepper on top firing shots while on top.

Round 2: Beaver starts the round with another leg kick and is caught with a straight right from Pepper that drops Beaver in his tracks. Pepper follows him to the floor but Pepper has enough of the ground and stands back up. Beaver shoots for another takedown that is nullified by Pepper and he looks to trap an arm. Beaver defends and the round comes to a close

Round 3: Pepper throws a straight left that cracks Beaver and puts him on on his back. Pepper follows him to the ground and gains side control and starts firing brutal needs to the mid section. Pepper postures up and fires heavy ground and pound to the mid section to soften up Beaver even further. With 10 seconds left, Pepper unleashes vicious knees, and punches to the midsection of a downed Beaver to put the stamp on the bout.

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Dwayne Pepper

(185 lbs) Austin Denoncourt vs Payton Phillips

Round 1: Phillips wastes no time charging at Denoncourt with crisp punch combinations to the head that hurt Denoncourt early. Thunderous straight rights mixed with pin point accurate left hooks from Phillips, had his foe on wobbly legs early and knew the finish was inevitable. Phillips stayed poised, didn’t rush the stoppage, and let the punishment add up until referee, Bill Bookwalter had seen enough and called a halt to the contest with Denoncourt taking unnecessary punishment against the cage.

Winner via TKO at 1:08 of round 1: Payton Phillips

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