Kirill Grishenko

Kirill Grishenko and Jackie Buntan Post-ONE on TNT IV

ONE on TNT IV took place on Wednesday, April 28th. The ONE Championship event emanated from Singapore Indoor Stadium. I spoke with Kirill Grishenko and Jackie Buntan after their respective victories.

Kirill Grishenko and Jackie Buntan

Jackie Buntan

I’m just kind of curious here with this sophomore effort here. One where you were able to adapt and make the adjustments.

Is that in a way almost more satisfying than the debut effort? Just because you were able to show the fight IQ and overall ability.

“I think so. I mean I can say I was definitely happier with my performance in my debut. But I was definitely also happy with this performance. Because like you said, I was able to adjust. Even though it was in the later rounds, I was able to adjust. Score more and get the win.”

Also, you were referencing aspirations earlier for garnering some gold. I’m curious has ONE communicated to you any path towards a world title from here on out at all?

“They haven’t. I know my division is still fairly new. The strawweight division. So I’m not really sure how it’s all going to go down. But I think I’m making it clear, I’m a serious contender in that division. I think I’ll be up for a title shot sooner than later, I hope.”

Kirill Grishenko

I’m kind of curious because the response has generally been just ‘promoters will figure out who the next opponent is’.

But I’m kind of curious if there’s any interest in fighting Dustin Joynson? Just because that was a bout that was targeted for ONE on TNT II just earlier this month.

“Honestly, I don’t know him. I never heard about him. But again, if ONE Championship offers this fight and my manager and promoters will accept it, I guess we can go with it. No problem.”

I’m curious how he feels about the debut under the ONE Championship banner here. If it was the most quintessential debut, he could have possibly had.

“I think it started really well. I think I showed my dominance and my strengths of course. Of course, it ended not as I planned or as I wanted to. But I did my best and in the first two rounds, you guys saw how dominant I was.”

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