Kris Gratalo

Kris Gratalo: “It’s war time” – Talks Maverick 12 fight against Hugh McKenna

Kris Gratalo has made his name in the regional scene known by his amazing worth ethic, mixed with his talents inside the cage. Outside of the cage, however, Gratalo reminds one of a spiritual free spirit that would sooner be caught surfing, than in the midst of a fist fight in a cage.

As fate may have it, though, Gratalo thrives in a sea of fans thirsting for more physical harm to which Gratalo eagerly appeases.

Gratalo makes his third appearance for Maverick 12 against Hugh McKenna, a known BJJ practitioner on the regional circuit. Gratalo, whom trains with a plethora of monsters on the mats claims this may be one of the camps where he has worked his ground the least, which remains questionable do to the matchup he’s in McKenna…Time will only tell Gratalo’s thought process behind the game plan.

Tune in below as Kris “The Badger” Gratalo goes one on one with MyMMANews’ own, Adam Crist ahead of his Maverick 12 bout against Hugh McKenna.

Ticket information for Maverick 12 on the Maverick MMA Facebook page.


Kris Gratalo, Maverick 12

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