Kunlun Fight 70 - Jordan Kranio vs. Wei Ninghui - Official PPV Live Stream

Kunlun Fight 70 – Jordan Kranio vs. Wei Ninghui – Official PPV Live Stream

Kunlun Fight returns as the first show of Lunar 2018 on Sunday, March 11 at the Mangrove Tree Resort in Sanya, Jiyang,China. The Kunlun Fight 70 event features the staple tournament, world’s biggest 64-man Clash of Titans in 2018. Eight fighters from around the world will clash for the right to enter the next phase of the tournament.

Group (A)
1️⃣Shintaro Masukura from Japan is a K-1 Guardian that has all clearance wins against Chinese fighters. He will clash with China’s Hu Yafei, a former Sanda Champion that got substituted by Nayanesh Ayman that missed his career turnover point of challenging Buakaw.

2️⃣Elam Chaez from Spain, K-1 Spain champion will collide with Australia’s Victor Nagbe, 2014 Finalist of Clash of Titans and Max Muay Thai World Champion.

The winner of 1️⃣ will fight the winner of 2️⃣ to see who progresses in the tournament.

Group (B)
3️⃣Michael Krcmar from the Czech Republic, WKF and WAKO world Champion squares off against Feng Xingli from China, former Sanda champion, retired special force that runs into Last 16 last year.
4️⃣Nikola Cimesa from Serbia collides with Yohann Drai (Fairtex) from France that were both Last 8 contenders last year and both have in them the champion’s dedication, heart and mind.

The winner of 3️⃣ will fight the winner of 4️⃣ too see who progresses in the tournament.

Fight card:
Saeid Chahardouli vs. Zhu Baotong
Shintaro Matsukura vs. Hu Yafei
Elam Chavez vs. Victor Nagbe
Laetitia Madjene vs. Wang Kehan
Winner A vs. Winner B”
Mangrove Tree Resort Sanya, Jiyang,

Mark Abelardo vs. Yi Zha
Sammy vs Law Chosing
Michael kcmar vs. Feng Xingil
Nikola Cimesa vs. Yohann Drai
Kenta Yamada vs. Feng Lei
Begautdin Abasaov vs. Hasiter
Giorgi Khupenia vs. Wang Wenfeng
Jordan Kranio vs. Wei Ninghui
Winner A vs. Winner B


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