Kyran Cameron on lightweight move and title bid at BFL 71

Kyran Cameron on lightweight move and title bid at BFL 71

Kyran Cameron tests skills with Dario Sinagoga for the interim lightweight title at BFL 71. This Battlefield Fight League clash emanates from Vancouver, British Columbia on March 10th and broadcasts via UFC Fight Pass.

I spoke with Cameron prior to this prizefight (when the card was initially scheduled for February 17th). Excerpts from our chat are below.

The Parabellum MMA lineage continuing with Aegis MMA where Cameron trains

“It’s been pretty much smooth sailing since we opened up. It was hard going into the last training camp. We were training in a 600 square foot facility. I was training out of garages and people’s backyards. Just finding wherever I could to get the work done. So it’s so good to have one location, Aegis MMA, where we’re all training under right now. So just one less thing to think about. We have our one-stop shop for all of our training.”

Kyran Cameron

Sharing the card with teammate Bobby Poulter and the residual momentum that comes with that

“I mean we’re so close in weight. So he is one of my main training partners and we definitely are getting that momentum rolling together. We were training for the last card together as well. Although my fight fell through. So it is good to keep that momentum rolling with him. We also have Amin (Almelik) fighting. So just having that energy in the room, when we’re all ramping up for one event is amazing.”

Cameron’s BFL 67 welterweight title bid and his switch to lightweight this time out

“I think it was my last three opponents had all come down from 185 prior to our fights. Just going back and speaking with my coaches and debriefing after the last fight that we had, we just thought that 155 is probably a more natural weight class for me. I wasn’t a huge 170. I was outsized by a lot of my opponents.”

“It’s harder for me to keep on the weight. I think I need to be competitive at the highest levels of 170. Want to fight the best. I see myself in the UFC very soon. So I believe that at 155, I’ll be able to use my strengths a little bit more to my advantage. That being my reach and my striking skills.”

Kyran Cameron vs Dario Sinagoga

This being the first go-around at lightweight following previous efforts at welterweight and middleweight and training camp amendments in this particular one

“One of the first real cuts I’ve had to do in a while. My cuts to 170 haven’t really been too taxing on my body at all. I didn’t have to think about the calories I’ve been taking in as much. Just kind of eating clean. So this time around, it’s more of like a real MMA weight cut. The weight has been coming down very well. It’s just about working the cardio which I have been doing. Since my last fight was also a five-rounder. Just naturally been coming down. It’s gonna be a bit of a struggle come cut time but it always is.”

BFL having a bit of a defined feeder league dynamic to UFC by virtue of being on UFC Fight Pass

“Yeah, exactly. In terms of promotions out of Canada, I do believe I’m in the best situation right now to further my career into that avenue.”

BFL 71

Thoughts on Dario Sinagoga leading into this one

“He’s a scrappy guy. He is coming in undefeated. Although, as you said, the last win could have really gone either way. A lot of people argue that it shouldn’t have gone his way. But it will look good fighting an undefeated fighter. I think that he is a scrappy guy and will look to bring the fight to me. Overall, I think his strengths ultimately feed into my strengths. So if he is going to stand toe to toe with me, I believe that I have the cleaner striking. I believe if it hits the ground, I have a lot of weapons that I’m able to use that will cause him problems.”

Kyran Cameron having a trading card made of him recently via Last of the Hards

“Yeah, things like that are really surreal. Not really something that you think about and then when it happens. It’s just like the quality and attention to detail. I like how it turned out. That was a really cool project that I got to be a part of. It’s just things like that which kind of makes you appreciate how far you’ve come.”

Parting thoughts for Kyran Cameron

“Just want everyone to tune in. It’s gonna be a hell of a fight. I’m fighting a scrappy guy who wants to keep his record intact. So tune in. I’ve been working a lot on my skills and I’m ready to show them.”

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