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Larissa Pacheco All Business, Never Personal for PFL Playoffs

Larissa Pacheco will be facing Olena Kolesnyk in one of the semi-final bouts for the PFL 2023 season. It will be the third time the two women face off in the PFL, add that along with the amount of time she faces Kayla Harrison and it looks like Pacheco is building the most rivalries ever in an MMA league. But that’s not the case according to 2022 PFL Champion Pacheco.

“I have nothing against her, she might have something against me,” Pacheco told media in attendance. “I’m a true professional, I come out here to do my job. It is a season format so if we all start bickering with each other we’re going to need security down in the lobby.”

Pacheco has been in Kolesnyk’s shoes before in her own history with Harrison. So while she understands someone coming from the losing side wants to avenge the loss, she does not let that give her any false sense of security.

“The way I feel about myself, I don’t want that to ever change. I don’t want to feel untouchable, I don’t want to feel invincible. I want to feel beatable, afraid, and ready to go. Because the moment you start feeling too comfortable, that’s when you start to fall.”

There was no overconfidence in Pacheco during media day, she seemed present and prepared to finish out the season by getting through this semi-final bout first. She’s been here enough times for fans to know, this is all part of the PFL’s seasonal cycle and nothing is personal when they’re all after the same prize. 

Pacheco and Kolesnyk will have their win or go home match this Friday, keep it locked here at MyMMANews for results and updates. 


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