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Lenny “The Gorilla” Rufati makes lightweight debut at Triton Fights

Interview with Lenny Rufati above

Lenny “The Gorilla” Rufati got off to a fast start as a professional fighter going 3-0.  After losing three of his last four, Rufati decided that if he was going to ever reach his peak performance in mixed martial arts, he had to commit to his body even more and drop to lightweight from welterweight.  MyMMANews caught up with Lenny to see how his weight cut and camp were going as he prepared for Triton Fights 18 where he will face John Ortolani (10-14). He tells us…

“I did this the right way and hired a nutritionist who has been awesome.  I have more energy and really notice a difference with training.  I don’t feel hungry and  am eating the right things for this camp and weight cut.  The goal is to put on the best performance of my life.  The fight on March 27th was perfect timing in Florida with Spring break.  We will have a nice group of fans who will be able to attend and support me, plus there are three of my fellow Albanians (Dennis Buzukja, Vilson Ndgregjoni, Armando Gjetja)  on the fight card, so it will be a very comfortable locker room and situation.  My head coach Duke Roufus dubbed it Tampa-Bania.”

Lenny is a Wisconsin native with New Jersey roots and appreciates the love and support that he receives every fight from his family, friends and sponsors.  Professional fighting is very popular in the Albanian community and they back it up in many ways. Through the regional events, I have learned how passionate they are for their blood brothers and how much energy they have.  They make an event more fun and I’ver witnessed it first hand. You can check out the results of Rufati’s fight and the entire card right here on MyMMANews.  The event will be available at Tritonfights.com on pay-per-view.Lenny RufatiLenny Rufati

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