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LFA 106: Mando Gutierrez happy for blessings in disguise

Interview with Mando Gutierrez above

Mando Gutierrez steps back in the cage at LFA 106, following his only career loss, which happened in September. Gutierrez mindset about fighting changed after his loss, and during his undefeated amateur career, and pro career, he learned the most important lesson in September of 2020.

“I fought my amateur career, 7 fights in a year,” Gutierrez began. “steam rolled everyone. Went to the pros, same thing, steam rolled everyone. I’ve never felt that adversity. Never felt someone wanting it as bad as I did. I learned a lot,” Gutierrez continued. “It was that shitty taste of medicine I needed to have.”

He steps in to fight William Elliot at LFA 106, Elliot is 3-1 as a pro. Gutierrez considers him a ghost, in the sense of past fights on the internet, but that is fine by Mando.

“The dudes a ghost,” Gutierrez stated. ” I didn’t watch anything, I’m not tentative about anything. This is the best me, the best version of me I’ve ever seen. I’m going out there doing what I do, not worrying about what he does. Me at my best, him at his best, no way he beats me.”


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