Li Kai Wen Finishes ONE Championship Contract

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Li Kai Wen Finishes ONE Championship Contract

With this last fight at ONE: Winter Warriors II, Li Kai Wen finishes ONE Championship contract out.

There were rumblings leading into this fight of tensions between Wen and ONE. The longtime ONE warrior had joined UFC China Academy earlier in the year. Li Kai Wen confirmed those issues did exist but the overall tone now seems to be one of closure with the company.

After his first-round knockout loss to Fabricio Andrade that broadcasted on December 17th, Wen addressed a multitude of aspects related to this prizefight.

Li Kai Wen Finishes ONE Championship Contract

Injury ailments informing the overall performance was a subject Wen addressed in his Instagram post.

“I’m very sorry to tell you guys that I got my left shoulder injured and my tendon severely torn early in the fight when I was grappling with my opponent. During the whole fight, I was dealing with great pain from my shoulder whenever I make a move. Even with that, I was trying my best to land punches and takedowns without any hesitation. I kept reminding myself that my goal is to go for the finish, it’s just that with getting hurt in the very beginning of the fight had me fighting one-handed. It really affected me both mentally and physically. But that’s how fighting is like: uncertainty and brutality.”

Li Kai Wen continued, “I’m sure it could’ve been a great fight if I wasn’t hurt or anything like that. Big thanks to my friends and my team. We all know this is just another beginning and I’ll be back soon. 2014-2021, this is my 7th year in ONE Championship. I just ended this journey with this one last fight left on the contract. We had some issues but I’m still thankful for everything ONE provided. It’s kind of a shame that I didn’t get the “W” for the last one in this organization but that’s how life is like. You have regrets and then you have hope. Just don’t lose the hope under any circumstances. I’ll see you guys on top.”

What are your thoughts on Li Kai Wen’s ONE Championship journey reaching its end?

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