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Lion Fight 54’s Sean Baca: “It’s my time to give back to the Sport”

Sean Baca, owner of Baca Fight Systems talks to Mika Frankl about making his Muay Thai pro debut at Lion Fight 54 against Marc Entenberg.

You’ve competed on the amateur circuit for a while. Why is it time now to make the pro debut?

“This is a professional bout because it’s time to give back to the sport. I’ve been doing this sport for a long time and I love the sport. I wanted to be a part of the sport forever and it’s a goal that I’ve had since I was a kid to be pro. The word ‘pro’ is pro. I believe I’m at the caliber of all these other fighters. I love the sport and it’s my way to be able to become part of the sport, part of the traditions. And be able to give back to my team, my students, my kids, everything; to give back to Albuquerque.

Facing Marc Entenberg from JacksonWink, who’s fought in Thailand, what do you think of the match-up?
“I know he’s a tough guy and I wouldn’t want anything else. I want to test myself. I know it’s going to be a battle. He’s tough, he trains at JacksonWink, everybody that comes out of that camp is tough. Marc is going to bring his game. He’s been to Thailand. He trains with tough guys. I think that’s good. That’s what Muay Thai needs. Muay Thai doesn’t need a set me up fight. Muay Thai needs these tough fights. This is what it is. I love the sport. I respect the guy. I hope he respects me. It’s a beautiful sport tradition. I know Marc’s going to bring it and that’s good, I want him to. I don’t want anything, but the best from him.”

When I asked Marc Entenberg about his style, he said he likes to use a little bit of everything. What’s your game?

“My game is, my traditional background is Dutch style kickboxing. I like a little bit of everything the traditional Thai, I like boxing, I like it all. I’ve competed in everything from Jiu Jitsu all the way up to Muay Thai, to just wrestling, and even Karate. So, I think it’s going to be a very exciting, fun fight for the fans, and you could probably expect a lot of different stuff from us. And it going to be exciting.”

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Lion Fight 54 is this Saturday, April 20th, at the Legends Theater inside the Route 66 Casino. The main card is televised on CBS Sports Network.

Lion Fight 54

Main Card
Main Event  Lion Fight World Super Flyweight Title (113 lbs.): Amy Pirnie (21-3-1) vs. Sandra Godvik (9-1)
Co-main  Lion Fight North American Cruiserweight Title (185 lbs.): Brett Hlavacek (18-5) vs. Ardany Mora (4-1)
Lion Fight North American Super Bantamweight Title (120 lbs.): Candice Mitchell (12-1) vs. Whitney Tobin (32-13)
Heavyweight (265 lbs. limit): Joe Stripling (4-0) vs. Cody East (1-0)
Pro Swing Bouts
Super Welterweight (150 lbs.): Marc Entenberg (2-1) vs. Sean Baca (0-0)
Lightweight (135 lbs.): John Seagle (0-0) vs. Gene Perez (0-0)
Super Flyweight Title (115 lbs.): Nate Cullison vs. Quinton DeLeon
Middleweight (155 lbs.): Swagath Pillai vs. Samuel Martin
Welterweight (145 lbs.): Andre Mtichell vs. Matthew Cordona
Light Heavyweight (170 lbs.): Sterling Peak vs. Bobby Boden
Featherweight (125 lbs.): Derrick Morale vs. Jonathon Trujillo
Welterweight (140 lbs.): Moses Fletcher vs. Thomas Horton
Crusierweight (185 lbs.): Cameron Wesley vs. Shawn Alexander

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