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Louis Glismann plans to “break” UFC vet Andreas Michailidis on Sept. 16

Interview with Louis Glismann above

Louis Glismann (11-2) discusses his welterweight fight against Andreas Michailidis (15-6) at OKTAGON 46 on Sept. 16. Louis also spoke about his training camp for this fight, implications of a victory and how he sees the fight playing out.

“I need to tire him out, straight in his face the whole fight. Make his muscles gas out, so he doesn’t get that explosive power throughout the whole fight. I will grind a hard fight. I have to break him, keeping a hard pace on the fight through all the rounds. It’s definitely going to be a brutal war. 100% going to be exciting for the fans.” 

OKTAGON 46 fight card:

Katharina Dalisda vs. Jacinta Austin – 115 lbs
David Kozma vs. Bojan Veličković – 170 lbs
C. Jungwirth vs. John Palaiologos – 170 lbs
Louis Glismann vs. A. Michailidis – 170 lbs
Mohamed Grabinski vs. Leandro Silva – 170 lbs
Kerim Engizek vs. Matias Juarez – 185 lbs
Deniz Ilbay vs. Marco Novák – 145 lbs
Niko Samsonidse vs. Nicolae Hantea – 145 lbs
František Fodor vs. Vladimir Šikić – 155 lbs
Endrit Brajshori vs. Tayo Odunjo – 170 lbs
Zoran Solaja vs. Daniel Hromek – 170 lbs

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