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Luke Michael and Pupanga Tresor To Run It Back After EFC 92 Controversy

The Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) put on its first event of the year on Saturday, March 5th with EFC 92. The night ended in controversy with the main event between Luke Michael and Pupanga Tresor for the EFC Middleweight Championship fight ending in controversy. There were several questions amongst the African MMA community, with a bulk of the question being related to what the way forward would be. Now, the EFC has put out an official response.

Both Michael and Tresor have agreed on an immediate rematch fight for the middleweight championship. The rematch is slated for the EFC 98 on September 17th. MMASA has announced a possible 6-month suspension for Tresor, as well as a warning for his team. These are both being appealed by Tresor and his team. As for the promotion itself, the EFC has penalized Tresor by giving him a 50% reduction in his purse from the event, as well as a lifetime ban which maintains that he may not have supporters attend his bouts.

The EFC acknowledged that the initial stoppage in the EFC 92 fight caused confusion and put Tresor at a disadvantage whilst also applauding Tresor and some of his team for their efforts in defusing the tension in and around the Hexagon.

It remains to be seen what the final decisions from the appeals will be but it seems that the EFC is determined to see this rematch through. African MMA fans, for the most part, seem pleased with the response from the promotion and many are already looking to the rematch, which is sure to be more intense and grudge-filled.

For now, fight fans can turn their attention towards EFC 93 on Saturday, April 9th as Martin van Staden goes up against Ziko Makengele for the EFC Welterweight Championship.


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