Manny Muro: “I’m a be a savage in there and get it done”

Their first meeting was more then three years ago but this Saturday Manny Muro and Ken Coulter lock horns again, this time the Rage in the Cage title is on the line.

Why did you accept this rematch?

“We’ve always kind of rubbed each other the wrong way a little bit at times. There’s that respect there, but him calling me out kind lit that fire in me. And of course, being for the title. Any time you can collect hardware is always a good thing, you know what I mean. I’m a get that belt and we’re going to hang it up here in the gym. It’s just gonna be another that I added over here (JacksonWink MMA).  Brought a couple belts over here to the gym just to show my small part of being a part of this gym. It’s such a humbling experience to come here and get better. It’s an honor.”

Would you go as far as to say there’s animosity with Ken Coulter?

“I wouldn’t say animosity. The only thing that I would say about animosity is, he is humble, he is a man of God, like wise I am. It just the fact that he called me out. I’m a very kind person. I think people mistake my kindness for weakness. And we’re just trying to show him I can be an animal. I’m a savage in there. That’s what’s going to happen June 14th. I’m gonna step in there. I’m a be a savage in there and get it done. We’ll shake hands afterwards. We’ll have a soda of two you know what I mean. And that will he that. But when I’m in the cage that cage door shuts it’s him or me. One or the other.”

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