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Matt Brown rips ‘ridiculous’ judges for giving 30-27 cards but knows he lost

Matt Brown knows he lost to Carlos Condit, but the veteran isn’t happy with how the judges scored the fight.

In the first round, Brown took Condit down early and held top position for most of the round. When the round was over, nearly all MMA media members had it as a 10-9 round for Brown. The second and third went to Condit, however, when the fight went to the scorecards, all three judges had it 30-27 for Condit, which “Immortal” doesn’t agree with.

“30-27 is ridiculous. I won the first round 100% he won the second for sure and the third is really close but I ended on top. Should have got the decision imo but if he got it based on just the third round I wouldn’t be mad. F*cking judges,” Brown tweeted.

Matt Brown then clarified his tweets saying he knows he lost, but thinks 30-27 is a joke. Regardless, it was an entertaining fight between two legends.

“I’d like to make it clear I know I lost. 29-28 is proper and third round wouldn’t be a robbery if you gave it to me but I won’t argue at all giving it to Condit. Last post on this love all you guys hope yo I enjoyed the show! Onward and upward,” Brown added.

With the loss, Matt Brown is now 22-18 as a pro and on a two-fight losing streak. The 40-year-old had mentioned in the lead up to the bout that this could be his final fight. However, he never announced his retirement after the fight or on social media, so perhaps, he will fight one more time. Who he would fight is uncertain, but it will likely be another veteran/OG of the fight game in what would be his retirement fight.

In his career, Brown holds notable wins over Ben Saunders, Diego Sanchez, Tim Means, and Stephen Thompson.

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