Matt Fleming

Matt Fleming ready to make his pro MMA debut on March 13

Matt Fleming is an accomplished martial artist. To date, Fleming has had a number of professional kickboxing fights and he also holds a professional victory in boxing.

Now after dipping his toe briefly into the water with a few amateur MMA fights a few years ago, Fleming is ready to return to the cage, but this time as a professional.

Fleming will fight David Gladfelter on March 13 in the Rock Combat Sports promotion. The fight will mark Fleming’s first MMA appearance in three year. The last time Fleming fought in MMA, he lost to now UFC middleweight Impa Kasanganay.

While Fleming has fought in mixed martial arts in three years, he is still more than ready to go out and fight as he’s been training since he’s a kid. Fleming first got involved with Taw Kwon Do at six-years-old. A few years later, he began training may thai, jiu-jitus and MMA. He also as a long wrestling history as he comes from a family of wresters and he even wrestled in high school.

Fleming is always training in the martial arts and plans on continuing to advance in his MMA career. However, kickboxing is his first passion and he will always put that in front of his MMA journey. His goal is to become the first American household name in kickboxing.

Fleming discussed his kickboxing career, his upcoming MMA professional debut and his future plans in an interview with MyMMANews. You can watch his interview in the video above.

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John Eric Poli