Matt 'SMG' Lozano on fighting Sean Santella: "The fans deserve this fight"

Matt ‘SMG’ Lozano on fighting Sean Santella: “The fans deserve this fight”

Matt ‘SMG’ Lozano on fighting Sean Santella: “The fans deserve this fight”

A bombshell dropped on the regional mixed martial arts community recently as CFFC announced the signing of the two best flyweights outside of the UFC; Matt “SMG” Lozano and Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella will finally put their skills on display against each other.  Lozano is the current World Cagefighting Championships’ flyweight champion and Santella is the former CFFC flyweight champion.  The contest is for the CFFC interim title.

This fight carries such a heavy weight on it due to the fact that fans here in the northeast are split down the middle on these two.

Matt'SMG' Lozano on fighting Sean Santella: "The fans deserve this fight"

Who TRULY IS the best flyweight in the northeast region?

Both with credible records to support either argument. Alas, this bout is finally upon us, and the fans couldn’t be more excited.

CFFC matchmaker, Arias Garcia gave his thoughts on this superfight stating:

“This fight is special. It’s awesome to get two local guys at the top of their game. It reminds me of when we did Lyman Good versus Jonavin Webb. After their fight, both guys went on to the UFC and I believe the same will happen here. Let’s be honest, Santella should be in the UFC. He doesn’t have to take another fight and he will get the call. So here he is taking on one of the hottest prospects in the northeast. He’s a fighter and you gotta give him credit. The same goes for Lozano. He doesn’t need this fight for the UFC. He’s currently a title holder and has fought in some big organizations. But you know what, he wants to test himself. He wants to put an exclamation point on his regional career with a victory over Sean. I can’t wait man.”

Lozano was respectful as always to his opponent but wasn’t shy on expressing his personal views about the contest stating boldly about Shorty Rock entering the UFC, “I feel as though Sean is getting older. He’s got to start taking those fights…You know…He’s gonna have to force his way into the UFC now.”

Discussing the match up at hand, Lozano added, “I’d like to see him tested. I think I’ll test him like no ones tested him so I think it’s going to be a good matchup for me.”

While discussing Lozano’s standup game nullifying Shorty Rocks grappling prowess, Lozano says, “He’s going to have to go through the wood chipper to try to get me into that grappling exchange and I think I pick him apart standing.”

Finally, after being asked to be so bold to call his shot, Lozano stated firmly, “It’s not going to go the distance and I’m thinking the third round.”

Tune in below as Matt “SMG” Lozano goes head to head with MyMMANews’ own Adam Crist!

Tickets are not yet on sale however the fight will take place in December at CFFC 63.  Stay tuned to CFFC.TV for info.

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