Meet Chris Dempsey: Western Pennsylvania’s MMA star

Meet Chris Dempsey: Western Pennsylvania’s MMA star

It is 6 a.m., when Chris Dempsey’s day begins with him heading to work until mid-afternoon. After work, he is training in the gym until late in the evening as he is preparing for his upcoming fight on May 3, at Gladiators of the Cage, the main event on the fight card.

“I lead a pretty boring life when I am getting ready for a fight”, Dempsey says. All of the hard work that is being put in training however is proof of his success.

Dempsey has amassed a 9-1 professional MMA record and is on a current seven-fight win streak. With all of the success and popularity growing every day, Dempsey remains humble and focused on his upcoming fight in Johnstown, Pa.

If you aren’t living in the western PA area, you may not know who Dempsey is….. at least not yet. With so many MMA promotions across the United States, there is a plethora of fighters nation-wide working their way up to the UFC or Bellator. My goal at MYMMANEWS is to introduce you all to a very talented and tough-as-nails competitor out of Ambridge, a suburb 20-miles outside of Pittsburgh.

MyMMANews: Chris, how did you get started in MMA?

Chris Dempsey: “I started fighting when I was in college, wrestling at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Carlton Hasselrig was fighting when I was going to school there, and my Coach Pat Pecora asked me if I would like to work out with him. For people who don’t know who Carlton is, he was a six-time national champion heavyweight in college before taking his career to the NFL and making the pro bowl for the Steelers. I wasn’t going to miss out on an opportunity like that, and me and Carlton became good friends, and my MMA career began.”

MMNWhat is your favorite striking technique?

CD: “I like punching in my fight. I am pretty simple and orthodox in my striking.”

Dempsey landing an overhand right square into his opponent’s face.

MMN: What is your favorite grappling technique?

CD: “I like the front headlock position. I always used it when I wrestled, and it has carried over well into fighting.”

MMNWho are you training with?

CD: “I have been training with the Mat Factory for about two years now with Isaac Greeley, Eddie Vincent, Dom Mazzotta, and Francis Healy. I also have been training at Personal Training Tactics for about a year and a half with Donnie Kaecher. I have recently started training at Team Impact with Joey Holt, Josh Stansbury, and Kyle Holt. I also have been going to World Class Boxing Gym with Tom Yankello on and off for the past year.”

MMN: Walk us through your day as you are preparing for your current fight.

CD: “I leave my house around six o’clock in the morning and go to work until about 3:30 in the afternoon. I leave work and head to the boxing gym or go for a run, then I drive about an hour to one of my MMA classes. I get home around 10:30-11 at night and go to bed. I lead a pretty boring life when I am getting ready for a fight.”

Dempsey taking the fight to the ground. 

MMN: You are currently riding a seven-fight winning streak, and you will be fighting in the main event against Nick Kraus (8-2) at Gladiators of the Cage on May 3 in Johnstown, Pa.  How are you preparing for this match up?

CD: “I am preparing for this fight just like any other fight that I have had. He is another tough opponent, and I am just continuing to work hard and try to get better at all of the aspect to my game. I feel that with the people that I have surrounding me that I get a good look at a lot of different styles, and I have confidence in their abilities to get me ready for this fight.”

MMN: What do you know about your upcoming opponent (Nick Kraus)?

CD: “All I really know about him is that he is a good wrestler.”

Dempsey displaying his wrestling skills with a beautiful takedown.

MMNWhat has been the most memorable moment in your MMA career so far?

CD: “I don’t know if I have a single moment that has been most memorable for me. What I think about the most is all of the support that my family and friends have given me during my career. I didn’t start fighting to be well known or expect people to want to come see me fight, and I am kind of amazed at how much support I get from everyone.”

MMN: If you win this upcoming match, do you feel it would be enough to get a call from Bellator or the UFC?

CD: “I mean I could always hope, but I don’t really worry about those things. If I keep working hard, and doing the right things I will get there when I am supposed to.”

MMN: Do you have any sponsors that you would like to thank? 

CD: “I want to thank everyone that supports me, but epically The Rehab Center, D&S Hoist and Crane, Bearded Buck, Toast, Low Card Tattoo, and Ron Gillette Towing.”

MMN: Chris, can you tell the fans and readers where we can follow you through social media (facebook, twitter, etc)?

CD: “You can follow me on Twitter @BigDemps2 or like my fan page on Facebook.”

MMN: Chris, I know you are busy, and I want to personally thank you from the MYMMANEWS team. Going out on a last question:  What do you enjoy doing outside of the cage/ring?

CD: “I like going target shooting, going to camp, fishing & hunting, and playing sports. I like being outside. Going to concerts or Pirates games in the summer. Really anything I can have fun with my family and friends while being outside.”

 MMNThanks again Chris and good luck on your fight, we will be cheering you on!


Chris Dempsey (9-1) vs. Nick Kraus (8-2) will be the main event on May 3 at Gladiators of the Cage: The Road to Glory VI. The venue is Cambria County War Memorial in Johnstown, Pa. Tickets are selling fast!

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