Melvin van Suijdam

Melvin van Suijdam “The Biggest Opportunity Maybe Ever” at Oktagon 43

Melvin Van Suijdam clashes with Louis Glismann at Oktagon 43: Kincl vs Vemola 2 on May 20th.

Van Suijdam came on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss the enormous cash prize that awaits the winner of this tournament field he’s in, the machinations of this rematch in terms of how each has grown as a fighter since the initial bout, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Melvin van Suijdam

Is this an ideal opponent to be facing in this tournament just being that there’s the backstory here with Glismann and this being a rematch?

“Nah, I don’t think he’s the ideal opponent. He’s more the opponent for in the final. Because I think he’s for sure one of the top three guys in this tournament. About the rematch, yeah, it’s five years ago. Five years in MMA is a lot. (It) was the beginning of my pro career. Now I am; yeah, five years is so much difference. I am a totally different fighter. More well-rounded than I was five years ago. Yeah, I think and I hope for him he is better also. So I don’t see it as a rematch.”

Oktagon MMA

How did you feel when this concept of becoming a part of the 1,000,000 Euro Tipsport Gamechanger tournament was mentioned to you?

“Oh yeah, definitely. Yeah, it’s a jumpstart in my career because I think there are a lot of good pro guys. You earn nothing or a lot (laughs). There is less in between. People get to get a good winning streak or they get famous in some way. Nice matches and yeah, they can make big steps in their career, yeah. I think this is my big step. Money-wise especially but also yeah, winning a tournament like this, then everybody will know you. For me, it’s the biggest opportunity maybe ever.”

Oktagon 43

How do you think Glismann has grown since your first fight with him?

“I think his game plan is the same. You see he wants to go on the ground. He’s still more a specialist on the ground than an all-around guy. But yes, his ground game is still good. I saw that in his last fight. His shoots were better, his scrambles were better. So he improved really with wrestling. Not his last fight but a few fights before, he was also standing up more.”

“Not too technical but… his defense was good. I don’t think he wants to stand up but if he has to, he can box. Yeah, he has enough power (laughs). If he hits you, it could be the end. Yeah, I think he has definitely improved his boxing and his shoots.”

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