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Louis Glismann: Winner of Amiran Gogoladze Bout “Going to Win the Championship”

Louis Glismann tests skills with Amiran Gogoladze at Oktagon 40 on March 4th.

Glismann appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss the “Kumite” vibes with this big-money welterweight tournament, past submission of the night and submission of the year accolades/ nominations, plus so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Louis Glismann

Defeating a UFC veteran last time out, the main takeaways from that fight, and the excitement of returning to the cage after a lengthy competitive hiatus

“I knew with my win last year against Emil Meek that I wanted my next fight to be something special. So I’ve been out for a year but I’ve been training hard. I was kind of waiting for the right opportunity, I’ve got it now. So now it’s time to shine.”

Becoming an “evil motherfucker” in the cage and how a switch flips from Glismann’s daytime work as someone who helps institutionalized, troubled youth

“I think everybody has the potential to get the evil out of you. So you just have to be like good and focused. Focus your energy in the right direction and use your mentality to go to the next level. So yeah, when I step into the cage, there’s no mister nice guy. I turn on like kill or be killed like different mentality. But also I can put all the frustrations you have as a human being, I put it in like the training and I get the relief of it. Which makes me in my daily life makes me much more like calm, loving, caring. Yeah, self-confidence. So yeah, I actually needed to be this nice guy.”

Oktagon 40

Thoughts on Amiran Gogoladze and Glismann’s assessment of his best stylistic attributes

“Styles makes fights. So you never know what actually is going to happen. But one thing is for sure, it’s going to be a real tough fight and a great fight. Because I think (Amiran) Gogoladze; I think the winner of this fight is going to win the championship like the whole tournament. Was a bit surprised they put us two against each other in the first round. Because I think I was favorite with Gogoladze in my opinion. So I see it as a final actually. Because I do think we are the two best in this tournament. So yeah, I think the winner of this fight is going to take big prize money.”

“He is very dangerous fighter. He’s more of a striker and I’m more of a grappler. So it’s going to be interesting how it’s going to turn out. But he’s a young guy with a great record. Finishing people in like the first round. So like it’s a hundred percent going to be a war. I’m looking very much forward to it because it’s a big test for both of us. It’s an even match but I’m looking forward to win. I see it as a puzzle I need to fix. Find the right strategy, the right mindset, and I’ll go out as the winner of the competition.”

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