Miesha Tate believes TJ Dillashaw's case could be similar to Jon Jones'

Miesha Tate believes TJ Dillashaw’s case could be similar to Jon Jones’

Yesterday, TJ Dillashaw shocked many by announcing he is relinquishing the bantamweight title due to ‘adverse findings’ in his drug sample.

As soon as the news came out, questions started to linger of what happened and what he tested positive for. Many were quick to say that it had something to do with his weight cutting. But former UFC fighter, Miesha Tate doesn’t agree with that. Rather, she thinks it could be very similar to Jon Jones’ case.

“There was a point when it wasn’t strictly enforced, and I do believe that probably the majority of people were using,” Tate began on MMA Tonight on SiriusXM.

“It’s possible that he did it at one point in his career before it was a big no-no. And now, it’s a no-no, and maybe he’s clean, but maybe something is popping up that maybe he used a long time ago that he never got caught for.”

The most famous case of similar to what Miesha Tate is describing is that, of course, of Jon “Bones” Jones, who has been the subject of high controversy and scrutiny for testing positive for trace levels of turinabol recently that was found by scientists to be the result of a long-term metabolite ingested potentially many years ago. Tate believes that it’s possible that T.J. Dillashaw’s adverse finding could have been brought about by similar circumstances.

“If it happens with Jon Jones…yes, he got busted, and now it’s reoccurring, but I think we’re actually going to see more cases. As USADA is getting down to a picogram…what is that, like 50 millionth of a gram of salt or something ridiculous like that?

“If they’re that specific, if anybody’s used anything at one point in their career, then it’s possible that these picograms are still floating around.”

One reason why Tate believes that is the fact that he was losing so much weight that the ‘pulsing’ would start then.

“So he dropped down to 125, I mean, he cut all of his body fat. If anything was gonna pop up that was from a long time ago…”

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