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MMA fighter disqualified after groin protection keeps falling out of shorts – VIDEO

Jason White moved to 0-3 as an amateur mixed martial artist after his groin protection kept falling from his shorts during a fight with Flex Fights Promotions over the weekend.

White initially entered the cage in Patchogue, New York without a cup, and his manager had to provide one.  Then after placing the protection in his shorts without any supporting material, the cup continued to fall to the cage floor before the referee had seen enough.

MMA reporter Harry Mac wrote

“In a new one for me, a fighter just got disqualified because he walked out without a cup and then tried to just stuff it in his boxers and it kept falling out. Mma is the best.”

“I have obtained the clip and it is glorious. For the record, I think most of the blame here lies with Jason’s manager so don’t be mean to the guy”

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