Elipitua Siregar sentenced to two years in prison for brothers murder

MMA fighter Elipitua Siregar sentenced to two years in prison for brother’s murder

Elipitua Siregar, a 26-year-old professional mixed martial artist fighting out of Indonesia, was found guilty of beating his own older brother Marganti Siregar (45) to death.

Siregar, who fought seven times for the Singapore-based MMA promotion, ONE Championship, received a light sentence of only two years in prison.

Elipitua was found guilty under Article 351 paragraph (3) of the Penal Code.

“Declaring the accused Elipitua Siregar to have been validly and conclusively proven guilty of committing the crime of “mistreatment resulting in death,” Presiding Judge Cory Fondrara said in a hearing at the Tarutung District Court on Wednesday.

The Head of the Legal Information Section of the Prosecutor’s Office, Yos A Tarigan, confirmed the verdict received by Elipitua. The two-year prison sentence against the MMA fighter was read by a panel of judges chaired by Cory Fondrara at PN Tarutung on March 8.

Based on the indictment, the murder incident occurred on October 15, 2022 at the brothers’ parents’ house.

According to reports, the brothers argued and that is when the younger Elipitua struck Marganti with a piece of wood. After committing the deed, the defendant fled the scene in tears.

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