MMA fighter Heather Bassett shaves head for Children's Cancer research

MMA fighter Heather Bassett shaves head for Children’s Cancer research

MMA fighter Heather Bassett shaves head for Children’s Cancer research

It takes an exceptional individual to step inside a cage to compete in mixed martial arts, but it requires an extraordinary person to do what professional MMA fighter Heather Bassett is doing for charity. Bassett is an MMA fighter out of Unified Martial Arts in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, who has decided to help make an impact by raising money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a non-profit organization created to help fund the research of children’s cancer. St. Baldrick’s Foundation has become a tradition around St. Patrick’s Day for individuals to shave their head for donations towards the Foundation. The first official event took place in Manhattan, New York, in the year 2000.

The event’s goal of shaving 17 heads and raising $17,000 turned into 19 bald heads and $104,000 donated to fund the research of the Children’s Oncology Group. In 2001, the second event raised $140,000. In the spring of 2002, 37 head-shaving events took place raising more than $1 million. St. Baldrick’s volunteers raised more than $30 million in 2012 by shaving heads. The year’s record-setting fundraising efforts allowed the foundation to mark a milestone-$100 million in childhood cancer research grants since 2005.

“I had heard of St. Baldrick’s holding events around the community and was lucky enough to meet the coordinator. The idea of raising money for such a great cause got me thinking that I could really make an impact.” Bassett said. The Bantamweight (135-pounds) is currently out of competition due to a broken foot. “The MMA community especially is closely tied together and it’s been pretty easy in that regards to rally support.”

Bassett was introduced to the Fond du Lac coordinator Robin Schroeder and decided to set a goal to fundraise $1500 for the charity. On May 30, 2015, Bassett will be among many others in the Fond du Lac area shaving their heads for children’s cancer research.

The Unified Martial Arts fighter will be sitting in a cast for at least five more weeks as her broken foot heals. Once her foot is healed, she plans to get back inside the cage and further her career. Instead of sitting on the couch, the professional female athlete decided it was a perfect opportunity for her to give back by reaching out to her community and shaving her head for donations.

“I think its perfect timing to step back and do something good for others, a chance to focus my energy on something positive,” Bassett said, a mellow personality outside the cage, but a fierce competitor on the inside.

Struggling with the inability to train due to her injury, Bassett (2-2) has been focusing on teaching her classes at Unified Martial Arts. The Bantamweight fighter teaches a kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class, plus a women’s cardio kickboxing class.

“The proceeds of my next women’s class will go towards my fundraising as well,” Bassett said. The Wisconsin warrior intends to donate all the proceeds of her women’s cardio kickboxing class towards her St. Baldrick’s Foundation goal. The class sessions are 4 weeks, meeting on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., next session starting March 31, 2015. The cost of the class is $60. Bassett mentioned she averages 8 to 12 women per session.

Any women interested in increasing their cardio by releasing stress on a punching bag, and helping out a great cause, be sure to sign up for Heather Bassett’s cardio kickboxing class at Unified Martial Arts, located at 73 South Main Street, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. For more information regarding Bassett’s cardio kickboxing class, visit Unified Martial Arts website.

The head-shaving will take place on May 30, 2015, at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds. Bassett is among fifteen participants, plus three teams; taking an active role in fundraising towards children’s cancer research. Robin Schroeder is the event coordinator. The event has an overall goal of $40,000 and has raised $393 thus far. If interested in participating, Schroeder can be contacted by phone and E-mail at 920-579-0536 and

Every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Help Heather fund the research that will save their lives by donating towards Bassett’s head-shaving.

Those interested in helping cure children’s cancer can donate to Bassett’s St. Baldrick’s Foundation goal by clicking here to Donate or donate by calling (888) 899-2253.


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