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MMA stars share their solar eclipse moments

As most of the world celebrated today’s solar eclipse moments with friends, family, and or co-workers, so did the MMA stars.

A total solar eclipse was visible over parts of Mexico, 15 U.S. states and eastern Canada on Monday. The rest of the continental U.S. got to see a partial eclipse.

Tens of millions of people were treated to stunning views as the moon passed between Earth and the sun and temporarily blocked the sun’s light.

Below are a few of the social media captures that MMA stars to include fighters, MMA media, and personalities posted during or following the April 8, 2024, solar eclipse.

Josh Thompson

“I came, I saw, I conquered, said the eclipse”

Joe Rogan

“Im out here waiting on the Anunnaki.”

MMA reporter Nina Drama

“Apparently your not supposed to look at a solar eclipse wtf”

Jillian DeCoursey

Dan – BestFightPicks

“I missed a solar eclipse to record a podcast! That’s how much I love y’all!! #UFC300

Kay Hansen

“Yall see that solar eclipse???? 😳”

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