Mushrooms behind this great tasting CBD-Powered Protein Shake

Mushrooms behind this great tasting CBD-Powered Protein Shake

CBD and mushrooms are too very popular items in the ever-evolving world of health.  But when have you ever seen the two combined to form a delicious tasting protein shake that aid in rest and recovery?

MaiaLife makes a one-of-a-kind functional superfood: CBD-powered, plant-based protein blend, with amino-acids and adaptogens, vegan and gluten free that is great for everyday wellness.

According to their website, MaiaLife is on a mission to bring the life-changing mental and physical benefits of CBD and mushrooms to the masses, in a deliciously convenient form.

The founders of MaiaLife began looking for products that combined the amazing healing properties of CBD with other beneficial superfoods and supplements that he was already taking to provide an awesome one-stop daily supplement that would support everyday wellness and promote long-term health.

Their protein powder is CBD-powered for rest and recovery, with 25mg CBD per serving. Their broad spectrum CBD powder is extracted from the hemp plant using the highest grade super-critical Co2 extraction process.

To complement the CBD, MaiaLife contains a large selection of superfood supplements, including more than 10 varieties of mushrooms like chaga, reishi, and lion’s mane; blue-green algae; nutrient-dense seeds like fenugreek and fennel; a healthy dose of plant-derived protein; and a proprietary blend of amino acids.

The result is a powdered supplement perfect for a morning smoothie or afternoon shake that empowers people to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.

We mixed one scoop of Maia Life’s Chocolate flavored CBD-powered protein blend with 10 ounces of coconut milk and blended.  Moments later our palates were in heaven.  The shake tastes great and went down smooth.

What’s inside?

15mg Plant-Based Protein (pea, hemp seed + brown rice)

15 Amino Acids

Superfood Seeds (fenugreek, pumpkin, fennel)

Blue Green Algae

10+ Functional Mushroom Varieties including Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane

Vegan Ingredients


Find out more about this great new product and others like it, from MaiaLife here

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