MyMMArijuanaChronicles Episode 2: Dr. Francisco Alvarez Divo M.D.

MyMMArijuanaChronicles Episode 2: Dr. Francisco Alvarez Divo M.D.

We’re back fight fans!

This episode of MyMMArijuanaChronicles features Dr. Francisco Alvarez Divo M.D all the way from Colombia, South America who turned his education in the medical field and passion for sports, into and toward the healing wonders of the cannabis plant to many patients around the world. Some of these patients, including former NFL players, as well as many, many others in the realm of professional sports.

On top of his illustrious and prestigious medical career, he has taken his knowledge across the globe, hosting and publicly speaking at many events, sharing his knowledge to other medical doctors, activists, and players in the medical marijuana industry specifically geared towards athletes. Dr. Francisco Alvarez Divo M.D. is the epitome of an inspiration who is striving as hard as humanly possible to reach as many people about marijuana, as well as CBD usage as an all natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, which in the grand scheme, ultimately and unfortunately has and can cause a disastrous epidemic or even worse, death.

Tune in below as I go one on one with Dr. Francisco Alvarez Divo M.D. in an episode that is extremely important for as many people to hear as possible and we hope anyone in need of treatment seeks the RIGHT outlet in what works for YOU! Don’t allow your rights to be denied. Educate yourself! Find the right people and save a life, if not your own!


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