MyMMArijuanaChronicles featured edition: Tronian Gammatron

The Tronian Gammatron concentrate vape pen has been making waves in the vaping industry since its release. Known for its sleek design and ease of use, this pen has quickly become a popular choice for vaping enthusiasts.

Our good friends from Tronian sent us the latest and greatest from their line of concentrate vape pens- The impressive “Gammatron.”

We’re going to get into the nitty and gritty of this exquisite portable concentrate pen in the newest feature edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles!



◦            Tronian Gammatron

◦            Kanthal Heating Chamber

◦            3x Mouthpiece Sealings

◦            1x Heating Chamber O-Ring

◦            3x Exterior O-Rings

◦            1x USB-C Cable

◦            1x Quick-Start Manual



One of the biggest standout features of the Gammatron is its integrated tool built into the detachable Zirconia mouthpiece. However, with a capacity of 800mAh, this pen is capable of delivering long-lasting, consistent performance. This is especially important for those who use their vape pen frequently throughout the day, as it ensures that the pen won’t die in the middle of a session.

Another great feature of the Gammatron is its 3 preset heat settings. This allows users to customize their vaping experience based on their preferences, with options ranging from 2.7V (lowest setting), 3.0V (mid setting), to 3.3V (highest setting). This provides a vast range of heat settings for its user to personalize their experience to their preferred taste.



The Gammatron is also incredibly easy to use. Simply click the power button five times to turn it on or off and use the same button to cycle through the voltage settings with a simple 3 clicks of the button. The pen comes with a ceramic Kanthal glass heating coil that provides smooth hits and helps to preserve the flavor of your concentrates.



One of the most impressive aspects of the Gammatron, however, is its build quality. The pen is constructed from high-quality materials that feel sturdy and well-made, with a comfortable grip that makes it easy to hold for extended periods of time. The pen is also incredibly compact, making it easy to carry around with you wherever you go.



In terms of vapor production, the Gammatron delivers impressive results. The ceramic coil heats up quickly and evenly, producing thick clouds of vapor that are packed with flavor. The pen instant heat-up warms your concentrates quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you get the most out of your materials in a quickness.



Another great feature of the Gammatron is its versatility. The pen is compatible with a wide range of concentrates, including wax, shatter, and live resin. This makes it a great choice for any connoisseur who enjoys experimenting with different materials, as you can easily switch between them without having to invest in multiple pens.



One area where the Gammatron falls slightly short, however, is in its price. At $109, there’s less expensive options on the market. That being said, the pen’s impressive features and build quality make it a worthwhile investment for serious vapers who are looking for a high-quality device that will last them for years to come.



Overall, the Tronian Gammatron concentrate vape pen is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a high-quality, reliable, and versatile vape pen. With its powerful battery, variable voltage settings, and sleek design, this pen delivers impressive results that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning vapers. While it may be a bit pricey, it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone who takes their vaping seriously.

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