MyMMArijuanaChronicles featured edition: UTILLIAN 8 E-Rig review

In this feature edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles, we delve into the latest and greatest from our good friends at Utillian. 

Previously sending us goods from their collection, such as the U5, U2 as well as other incredible models, their newest edition to their line of concentrate vaporizers presents the U8 E-rig.  A stylistically simplistic, yet impressively sleek new way for dabbers to consume their favorite concentrates on the go or parked at home on the couch.

I doubt many would argue that cannabis is an astonishingly booming commodity right now.  The infrastructure behind the cannabis business is at an all-time high.  The stigma of using cannabis is all but gone, and our culture has seemingly finally found a point where they understand why cannabis is taken for therapeutic relief by some on top of users who utilize the plant, medicinally.

While the U8 may not deliver all of the “bells and whistles” that competitors pack into their devices for the sake of marketability.  The U8 is a profoundly strong-built E-Rig with simplicity in mind to adapt for any and all concentrate enthusiasts wants and needs.  It’s incredibly easy to use, operate, clean and transport (with the help of a hard-shelled smell proof case) and is built to last. 

Check out below as we break down the nooks and crannies of their newest and impressive release; the Utillian 8 (U8).


What’s in the box:

•           Utillian 8

•           USB-C Charging Cable

•           x5 Cleaning Q-Tips

•           x5 Cleaning Wipes

•           x2 Terp Pearls

•           Owner’s Manual



Key Features

•           Ergonomic bubbler

•           High-quality atomizer

•           Good temperature range

•           Removable protective sleeve.

•           Included travel case.

•           Integrated dab tool


How It Works:

For starters, make sure your Utillian 8 e-rig is 100% charged before your first use.  By simply pressing the power button twice in rapid succession, the battery display will illuminate white.  Before you utilize your U8 e-rig, I’d highly suggest running a cleaning/sanitation cycle at the highest temperature.  Running a sanitation cycle first (on all E-rigs) assures that all of the machine oils/gunk that may potentially be lingering from manufacturing will dissipate and burn away, leaving your U8 device primed and ready to go!

The device comes with a beautifully tinted glass bubbler attachment that users will want to fill the bubbler with clean water to at least above the two air holes.  You may fill the glass bubbler to your desired level, however, if you put too much water in the bubbler, users run the risk of back splash when they utilize their U8 device.  My suggestion is to take a few “dry pulls” (without any material loaded) on the bubbler after filling to see if the water level is to your liking or if you need to add/reduce any water, according to how hard you draw/pull/hit the device.  The bubbler fits snug atop of the U8 e-rig, by lining the hole at the bottom of the glass bubbler with the hole in the base of the rig that attaches to the BurstHit 3D Heating Chamber Atomizer.

Next, find your favorite concentrates and utilize the ingenuity of the U8 magnetic carb cab.  The U8 magnetic carb cab doubles as a loading tool also, to introduce a new way to “cold load” your E-rig.  The U8 magnetic carb cab/loading tool allows users to utilize the scoop at the bottom of the magnetic carb cap to load their U8 E-rig.  As the device heats up to the desired temperatures, only then will their concentrate/material be heated enough to melt into the BurstHit3D Heating Chamber where the magic will be taking place.  Once the concentrate melts onto the BurstHit3D Heating Chamber, the provided terp pearls will agitate the concentrate to hit every heated surface of the 3D chamber to assure users get the quality taste on top of the desired effect of their favorite concentrates.


Ceramic 3D BurstHit Atomizer

The Utillian 8 E-rig introduces a phenomenal detail to dabbing with their Ceramic 3D BurstHit Atomizer.  Unlike atomizers of the past that provide heat from a bottom-coil or anything else subpar, the 3D BurstHit Atomizer allows each wall of the chamber to heat up between 400-800°F.  Working in unison of the magnetic carb cap, once your device is loaded with material/concentrate, begin the dabbing cycle by simply pressing and holding the power button until the bubbler illuminates red; This indicates that the device is heating up.  Once the bubbler illuminates green, that is the users indication that the device is heated up and ready for use.  By alternating between the two small air holes on the magnetic carb cap and/or stirring the carb cap allows users to cause turbulence and mix the vapor more efficiently with the air, ultimately making the users experience more pleasant and palatable.


Temperature Settings/Vapor Quality:

Utillian is always striving to advance their performance of their products.  The U8 E-rig is no different and it’s evident in the quality of each and every hit. 

 At first, I was skeptical of only having 4 pre-sets in an E-rig, compared to other competition on the market.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with each setting and how well it performed.  Although, you won’t get pin-point temperature accuracy that other competitors may provide, with a little trial-and-error, and getting used to the device, users are assured to find this small piece of modern technology doesn’t need all the “bells and whistles,” and certainly gives you exactly everything you’ll need at a lower price point.


The Utillian 8 offers four unique temperature settings that range from:


1.         Temperature Level: 205 – 260° C (400- 500° F)

2.         Temperature Level: 260-315° C (500- 600° F)

3.         Temperature Level: 315-370° C (600- 700° F)

4.         Temperature Level: 370- 425° C (700- 800°)


The first two settings are imperative for users that are seeking a flavorful, tasty, and savory hit, allowing active ingredients such as the terpenes to be properly extracted, culminating in a robust, flavorful, yet not harsh hit while providing the pure relaxation to set in. The 3rd and 4th settings for users that are seeking hard hits with dense clouds of vapor.  These settings provided a little harsher of a hit on the throat, but ultimately packed a punch that can send you to space with a quickness.


Manufacturing Quality:

 The U8 E-rig features a metal-grey aluminum body that is comfortably housed in a fabric covered plastic protection magnetic sleeve.  The sleek look of this device is impressive enough to leave it out on your coffee table as a conversation piece, it looks so unique/interesting.  The fabric covered plastic base is new to the realm of E-rigs, providing an extra layer of protection to the device, as well as superb, yet ergonomically comfortable gripping of the device. The BurstHit 3D Chamber is made of ceramic and stainless steel.  The carb cap/loading tool is made of a strong Zirconia that is known for having low thermal conductivity.  In other words, the carb cap is made to withstand the heat.  Users don’t have to fear that the carb cap/loading tool won’t heat up to the point where it’s untouchable or burns the user’s hands, making it a perfect fit for this elegantly sophisticated looking device. 

 Let us not forget the gorgeous all glass bubbler that we mentioned before.  Looking like a modern flower vase, this beautifully tinted bubbler starts fairly narrow at the top/mouthpiece to prevent the backsplash while percolating in the wider bubbler base. While users may be impressed with the stunning look of this stylistic device, they’ll be surprised to learn that the bubbler was tinted for the purpose of aesthetics.  Every concentrate user knows of the inevitable gunk build up.  However, with the slightly tinted glass, it’s much less of an eye-sore, or even noticeable! While every dabber should keep their pieces clean for longevity, you’re much less likely to notice any gunk buildup with the strikingly brilliant, tinted glass bubbler.  Touché Utillian…Touché!



The U8 E-rig is as simple as a user could possibly want! One button does it all with this sleek and effective device.  By holding the power button, each one of the 4 individual lights surrounding the power button will illuminate red.  The device’s bubbler will start blinking red (illuminating from the LED lights inside of the base plate) for several seconds, indicating the device is warming up.  If the user wishes to increase their desired heating setting, a quick, single press of the button will bump up to the next temperature setting.  If users wish to return to the original lowest temperature setting, simply press the power button a single time to cycle through all four heating pre-sets.  Once the device reaches the desired temperature, the base-light/bubbler will illuminate green, indicating the device is ready for usage. 

 After the users session is complete, it’s best to immediately use one of the included Q-tips to clean the BurstHit 3D Heating Chamber to assure a clean, tasty hit each and every time you use your Utillian 8 E-rig


Battery Life:  

The U8 E-Rig comes equipped with an impressive 3150mAh battery, which is amongst the best in the E-Rig community.  Along with a USB-C charging port, this beast of simplicity at its finest and most efficient can fully charge in roughly an hour.  On top of the lightning-fast charging time, most devices (phones, tablets, etc.) utilize USB-C charging ports, keeping it simple to reduce any annoying additional needs/cords to get lost in the shuffle. 



The newest craze is making E-rigs as portable as could possibly be.  However, with glass attachment’s, sticky concentrates, and tools, that’s proven difficult for competitors E-Rigs.  Most companies offer a cloth bag, or the packaging box as a “carrying case.”

However, The U8 E-Rig provides a step-above the rest as far as portability is concerned.  The geniuses took portability into strong consideration with this device with a harder/sturdy casing that is heavily padded, and smell proof! That’s right! I said smell proof…Any cannabis consumer’s necessity for carrying anything on their person. (Because who wants to be the guy in the room that is smelling like dank weed?)


Price point:

With a simplistic approach to taking care of your dabbing needs in an E-rig, the Utillian 8 is modestly priced at $220.00. 

 Whereas other/competitors E-Rigs are marked for as high as double the price of the U8 E-Rig, the U8 provides all of the essential needs of a dabber without the fancier adaptations such as a screen, app, or even pin-point temperature dialing.  If those features are a necessity, then the U8 may not be your cup of tea. 

 However, if you want a sure-fire, portable, and stylish E-rig that is simplistically sophisticated with a strong battery life, look no further than to the good folks at Utillian for providing us with the beautiful U8 E-Rig! Available now!


The Bottom Line/Overall Experience:


I can’t express enough how this simplistic approach to such a versatile E-Rig is essential to any dab connoisseur’s collection.  As well as being thoroughly adaptable for beginner, intermediate and heavy dabbers, you really can’t go wrong with this sleek design from Utillian, in the U8. 

Like I said, I was a tad skeptical at first of the simplicity due to seeing the diversity of competitor E-Rigs.  However, with some time, adjustments and figuring out what setting works best for my personal desires/needs, this sliver of simplicity has worked its way up to one of my favorite “grab-and-go” devices. 

It’s incredibly easy to ready the device for a quick session, and just as easy to clean and pack away.  With the smell proof casing, it’s just as portable as it is simple to use, making it a no-brainer to take on any and all trips where you can see yourself needing a quick dab-sesh. 

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