Nate Diaz, CBD

Nate Diaz says USADA “can’t come over anymore”

As some of the fighters on the UFC 232 card have been outspoken with their frustration in the relocation of the event from Las Vegas to Los Angles, other fighters are also chiming in on the UFC’s decision. Lightweight contender Nate Diaz, who has never been shy about sharing his opinion on the UFC and their decisions, took to Twitter to let it be known that he’s not a fan of USADA and they’re not welcomed around him anymore.

Diaz would then go on to mock USADA and their handling of Jon Jones’ case, seemingly asking where he could get some PEDs since the UFC and USADA are still allowing Jones to fight at UFC 232.

Diaz had previously been warned by USADA for use of a vape pen with cannabidiol following his fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 202 back in August of 2016. Since then, Diaz has opened the door and helped pave the way for legal use of CBD oil for UFC fighters.

Nate Diaz has not fought for the UFC since the decision loss to McGregor at 202 but has continued to be vocal about his displeasure with how the UFC has handled situations inside the lightweight division and other situations throughout the organization. Stockton’s own is now making his displeasure with USADA known and he has not been the only one.

Former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez also took to social media to voice his displeasure with the UFC and USADA’s decision to allow Jon Jones to fight and relocated the event from Las Vegas to Los Angeles since he couldn’t get licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Alvarez who has joined ONE Championship, spoke out about the physical toll and violence that MMA takes on and the difference it has in other sports in connection with USADA’s different cases similar to that of Jon Jones.

While Alvarez has moved on from the UFC, Nate Diaz had recently been scheduled to face Dustin Poirier at UFC 230 back in November, but the fight was cancelled after Poirier had to withdraw with a hip injury. Since the fight fell through, there has been no word on if the UFC would try to reschedule the two against each other or if Nate Diaz would be returning against a new opponent.

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