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Royce Gracie on nephew, Neiman's Bellator future

Neiman Gracie set for Welterweight World Grand Prix against Ed Ruth

Since the recent success of Bellator’s Heavyweight World Grand Prix, they doubled down on the tournament style to crown a new champion in the welterweight division, and Neiman Gracie in confident he could earn that title.

“I feel validated for being in this tournament and I cant wait to represent my family again,” Gracie said.

The Gracie family has never been much on trash talk and always humble with every upcoming bout. This was nothing new when being paired against Ed Ruth, a former NCAA wrestling champion.

“I had a lot of wrestlers help me with this training camp,” Gracie claimed.

“My mindset is the same in every fight. I want to win every fight by submission so that’s what I’m going to look to do,” he continued.

Gracie, of course, earned his spot in this tournament with an impressive 8-0 start to his career. He works with MMA legend, and uncle, Royce Gracie who informed him that Neiman was ready for the next level.

“It feels great it’s like hearing my super hero,” Gracie exclaimed.

“Like Spiderman talking about me. I always thank him so much for the support he has given me,” Gracie finished.

On the other end, Ruth is also an undefeated prospect in this welterweight tournament. So what does a fighter who hasn’t tasted defeat take into such a highly anticipated matchup?

“I think it gives you a lot of confidence,” said Gracie.

“The good thing for me is I’ve been competing since I was a little kid so I lost a lot growing up. I don’t want that to be such a big weight on my shoulders. It feels great to represent my family the best way I can,” he finished.

Gracie is aware of the high level wrestling Ruth brings to this matchup and harbors no delusions about Ruth’s aggressive wrestling.

“I don’t have a lot of precautions, I just think he has a better understanding of the takedown game,” Gracie stated.

“Once we are on the floor its all about jiu-jitsu. Once we go to the floor Im really confident,” Gracie ended.

The two will face off in Honolulu, Hawaii, Saturday night for Bellator 213.


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