Nell Diebel

17 year old Nell Diebel (1-1) ready for her 3rd fight at USKA Fight Night Allentown

Like any good mother and father, Nell Diebel’s parents want the best for their child. The youngster even had to get permission to talk to us on the phone for this article, and as a parent myself, that was completely understandable.  I was curious as to what would make a high school student compete in kickboxing fights rather than a scholastic sport. When we eventually did get to chat, Diebel told me…

“I was about 40 pounds overweight.  My dad talked me into trying Japanese jiu-jitsu.  Once I tried it, I really liked it.  My sensi eventually urged me to try other things and I met Jeff Cressman and he’s been my coach ever since.”

Jeff is a former pro fighter who is a disciple of Brad Daddis.  Jeff is an excellent coach and obviously relates well to Nell and others as his fight team continues to grow. I get to chat with him at many of the regional shows, which includes grappling, MMA and kickboxing/Muay-Thai events.  Cressman is a student of the sport and a very well-rounded instructor.  Nell is in good hands.

Listen in below to this courageous young lady’s full interview.  She tells us how her parents reacted when she first told them that she wanted to get in the ring for real and kick and punch people, and how mixed martial arts have affected her life.  We also talk about her upcoming fight at USKA on March 3. MyMMANews will be ringside for all of the action.  Keep tuned in for updates, results, and photos.


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