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Nick Alley on John Gotti III win at CES 61: “I really didn’t take any damage in that fight”

On October 14th, Nick Alley stepped into the CES cage for the second time in his career. Entering the bout as the heavy underdog, Alley was tasked to face the highly touted New York prospect John Gotti III. This bout served as the main event of CES 61 and certainly didn’t disappoint.

In a three-round unanimous decision, Nick Alley achieved what most critics claimed he wouldn’t. He sufficiently stayed active, game, and performed better than everyone expected of him, proving the oddsmakers to be horribly mistaken in their picks.

“There was no quit in him,” Alley said about the talented New York native, Gotti. While discussing the featured bout, he says, “I’ve never really cared too much about who I fight.” Continuing with, “You have a skill set that you bring to the table. They have a skill set that they bring to the table.”

Critiquing his own performance, Alley assesses his thoughts, conceding with “I’m 40-50% satisfied.” Continuing with “I really didn’t take any damage in that fight.” While Gotti was able to keep up with Alley’s pace, he emphasized his comfort in striking during the bout. “I don’t mind striking,” he said referencing Gotti shooting first in the bout.

With no immediate plans set at the moment for Alley to return, fans can only wait in patience and be sure to stay locked to MyMMANews.com for all your fight news needs!

Tune in above to hear the full post-fight interview with Nick Alley following his one-sided CES main event win over John Gotti III. We discuss the bout in its entirety, the fearless attitude that drives him to fight anyone and anytime, and much more!

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