Nick Fiore's MMA Platinum Gloves 9 Post-Fight Interview

Nick Fiore’s MMA Platinum Gloves 9 Post-Fight Interview

Nick Fiore’s MMA Platinum Gloves 9 Post-Fight Interview. 

Saturday night, at MMA Platinum Gloves, Nick Fiore of Bellmore Kickboxing demonstrated to the crowd in attendance as well as those at home stream live on the internet, why is the No. 1 ranked lightweight fighter on the amateur level.  Fiore successfully defended his MMA Platinum Gloves lightweight title against a tough James Gonzalez.

Fiore (7-0) is a former high school football and wrestler for Kellenberg Memorial high school. He currently trains at Bellmore Kickboxing. The well-rounded athlete demonstrated his high level skills inside the cage Saturday night.

Gonzalez (3-2), a game opponent hung in for three rounds as he suffered abuse throughout the three three-minute rounds. Gonzalez fights out of Serra BJJ, a well-known academy here on Long Island, established by Matt Serra, a former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) welterweight champion.

Gonzalez is a well-established Brazilian jiu jitsu artist that snags his opponents in night ending submissions. Inside the cage Saturday night, Gonzalez couldn’t establish his game plan; Fiore however followed his strategy to perfection.

Fiore used his excellent accuracy and heavy hands to deliver a punishment to Gonzalez. Through all three rounds he controlled the center of the cage as he pressured the Serra BJJ fighter against the fence. Gonzalez attempted multiple takedowns as the fight progressed, though Fiore, a strong wrestler, showed his strong takedown defense with heavy sprawls.

In the second round the two fighters were rolling around on the canvas, but Fiore used smart hip positioning to control Gonzalez on the ground. At the end of the second round when Gonzalez had Fiore’s back, the Bellmore Kickboxer didn’t appear to be in any danger as he calmly used hand control as he back out of the position escaping as the round came to a conclusion.

During the third round, Gonzalez looked to be desperate for a takedown as it appeared he believed his only chance at winning was through a submission. Shot after shot, Fiore stuffed them. On one sprawl, it looked as if Gonzalez his bounced hard off the canvas after being sprawled on by the champion.

The soft spoken champion of Hicksville, Nick Fiore, took the time after his three round unanimous decision victory to speak with My MMA News. Below is a video of the MMA Platinum Gloves lightweight Champion Nick Fiore.


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