The “Nightmare” Continues – Diego Sanchez finishes Mickey Gall at UFC 235

The “Nightmare” Continues – Diego Sanchez finishes Mickey Gall at UFC 235

“If you look up savage in the dictionary there’s a picture of Diego Sanchez”, was voiced by Joe Rogan as Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez stepped into the octagon last night at UFC235.

Sanchez confirmed why this statement is true.

Sanchez showed once again he remains capable of hanging with the best up and comers in the division. Defeating Mickey Gall in the second round via TKO cemented his place in the Welterweight Division making it back to back wins for the “Nightmare.”

Sanchez throughout the fight displayed a wealth of experience he has gained over the years. Joining the UFC back in 2005, Sanchez defeated Kenny Florian to win the first Ultimate Fighter series and has now appeared in his 29th fight within the organization.

It is quite incredible how Sanchez has never been submitted in the 40 professional bouts he’s competed in. With only submission wins so far for Mickey Gall in his career, we were all expecting Gall to shoot for takedowns, being the first to submit the Veteran Sanchez.

This was not the case.

In round one,  Gall surprised everyone with heavy strikes and forward pressure. Gall has recently been focusing on his stand-up training bringing in some top strikers. World Champion kickboxer Joe Schilling being a key partner as well as Yves Edwards.

Gall continued to throw everything into his punches which would later benefit the greater experienced Sanchez. After one minute into the round, Gall took a deep breath and Sanchez capitalized obtaining the clinch against the cage. Sanchez would eventually take expert grappler Gall down dominating the rest of the round with ground and pound. Sanchez showed in his previous bout that he still possesses impressive takedowns and ground control.

Due to the excessive energy wasted by Gall in the first round, Gall continued to breath heavily on the stool. Diego Sanchez can comfortably go three rounds at an exhilarating pace leaving Gall in a challenging position.

Surprisingly Gall entered the second-round swinging opposed to attempting the takedown where his past success has come. Gall managed to connect with a few significant strikes but inevitably Diego landed a powerful knee from the clinch dropping Gall to the canvas.

Gall at this point was exhausted.

Sanchez identified Galls fatigue as he continued to brutally ground and pound his opponent. The referee pushed Sanchez away confirming the win via TKO in the second round.

Before the matchup, Mickey Gall was the one who called Sanchez out followed by a first round victory prediction.

Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez answered and delivered.

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