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James Craughwell

No conviction for MMA fighter, James Craughwell, who fought back outside party

James Craughwell, a professional mixed martial arts fighter out of New Zealand, will not be convicted after pleading guilty to assaulting a man in the suburb of Miramar on September 26, 2021. was first to report the news.

Judge Peter Hobbs dropped the charges without conviction after it was determined that Craughwell acted in self-defense, and the victim did not seek retribution.

A police summary said Craughwell and the victim had been at a relatively small party in Miramar. About 3.30am on the driveway, the victim walked towards Craughwell and threw a punch at him. Craughwell hit back, knocking the man unconscious, and he fell to the ground.

The victim’s nose was broken, his eye socket fractured, and he had a cut above his eye that left a scar and nerve damage.

Police Sergeant Michael Stonyer said at 28 years of age, Craughwell was in the twilight of a localized sporting career.

The judge said the injuries had a significant impact on the victim along with the emotional and financial cost.

The victim did not want the compensation or restorative justice meeting that Craughwell offered.

In granting the discharge without conviction, the judge said he was satisfied Craughwell’s building career prospects would be negatively affected out of all proportion to the seriousness of the offending. If it had been an unprovoked assault Craughwell would not have been discharged without conviction, he said.

Craughwell, who holds a pro MMA record of 0-2, had both sanctioned fights take place in calendar year 2022, after the incident happened just a few months prior in 2021.

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