Noah Cutter aiming to KO Kaleb Harris in “spectacular fashion” at BKFC 16

Interview with Noah Cutter above

This Saturday, March 19th, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships presents BKFC 16 in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Noah Cutter is set to face BKFC’s “2020 KO of the year” winner, Kaleb Harris in a 155lb affair.

“I think it’s a great matchup, stylistically,” Cutter says about his pending dance partner.

Although coming off of a loss to Francesco Ricchi at BKFC: 14, Cutter is elated with the consistency he’s able to maintain in competition, especially amidst a worldwide pandemic.

“This is going to be my third bare-knuckle fight in 6 months, he says. Continuing, “there’s some guys that haven’t fought in a year.” Intending to “do 6 bare-knuckle months (with)in a year” of being in the promotion, Cutter is more than happy with his current employer. “Everyone that has talked to me says ‘that’s (bare-knuckle) is perfect for you,” he says. “I can easily see finishing out my career with BKFC and be completely happy.”

Discussing the approaching bout with MyMMANews, Cutter says overall, “I think I’m more powerful. More strong. I also want to be just as fast and explosive. And I think I just have the better technique as well.”

With his third appearance within the promotion, Cutter plans to make some noise in the 165-pound division with his intention to put a stamp on his performance this Saturday.

“I’m looking to knock him out in spectacular fashion and get knockout of the year,” Cutter boldly says.

Tune in above as Noah Cutter catches up with ahead of his bout with Kaleb Harris. Cutter discusses conditioning his hands for a bare-knuckle fight and how he plans on things going down this Saturday, March 19th at BKFC16.

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