BKFC 14 results - Palomino vs. Alers for 155-pound title

BKFC 14 results – Palomino vs. Alers for 155-pound title

BKFC 14 results 

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship presents BKFC-14 on Friday, November 13 from the InterContinental in Miami, Florida.

BKFC-14 is headlined by the highly anticipated BKFC 155lb. World Championship Grudge Match between Champion Luis ‘Baboon’ Palomino and Challenger Jim ‘The Bare Knuckle Beast’ Alers.

An interim bantamweight bout was scheduled between Dat Nguyen and Reggie Barnett Jr., but that fight is no longer on the card as Nguyen fell ill during fight week.

The event will be broadcast live on the BKTVApp starting at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. ET.

To order and watch BKFC 14, download the BKFC TV app here.

In the first fight of the night, Kenmon Evans quickly moved to 2-0 inside the squared circle with a first round knockout of Sedric Johnson.

Not much to talk about here in the second fight of the night as Fred Pierce injured his leg very early on in the first round against Alan Arzeno.  Pierce goes down and grabs his leg before the referee calls a halt to the action.  Arzeno wins by TKO.

In the first fight on the main card, Lorenzo Hunt and Davian Green duked it out in what seemed to be a pretty even round, even having both men throw a late punch following the bell signifying the end of the frame.  In the second round, Hunt came on strong, backing Green up, and finishing the fight as Green has decided not to continue.

Eddie Hoch might have set a bare knuckle fighting record for punches thrown in a round as he just assaulted Jeff Chiffens who had literally no defense for was taking place.  Chiffens, mouth bloodied, was able to survive and make it to the second round.  The barrage of punches from Hoch continued, Chiffens dropped, and his corner threw in the towel.

Jarod Grant is dropped in the first round by a flurry of uppercuts from Chris Johnson.  Grant is cut on the nose, but doesn’t seem to be too bad.  The fight continues and moves toward the second frame.  And…. the momentum swings in round two.  Grant comes back and batters Johnson, dropping him in the second frame.  Big come from behind with for Jarod Grant who plants Johnson down to the canvas in the third round.  Super impressive.  This is a guy to look forward to seeing again inside the squared circle.

HOLY…moly…. Uly Diaz threw a punch and the fight was over.  The fastest ever recorded knockout in bare knuckle fighting.  Just 3 seconds (more like 2) into the fight, Donelei Benedetto is out cold.

Another big come from behind win as Francesco Ricchi who was hurt early on in the contest comes back to brutally beat Noah Cutter in the second round and finally finish the fight in the third.

Randine Eckholm had the reach advantage going into the only women’s bout on the card.  Britain Hart cut Eckholm open around the left eye area early in the first round.  Eckholm came back in the second to possibly score the fight a round a piece.  Rounds three and four seemed to go in favor the BKFC veteran Britain Hart who may now get the opportunity to face Paige Van Zant in her promotional debut on Super Bowl weekend.

The co-main event between Britain’s Jake Bostwick and Tyler Vogel was the only fight on the card to go the distance, a nice back and forth brawl between two talented up and comers in the sport.  Super entertaining contest, fun fight to watch.  Both competitors have a future in the sport of bare knuckle fighting.  The fight was so close that after going to a decision, the bout was determined to go to an overtime round.  The winner of the round wins the fights.  Bostick wins in overtime but no score announced.

What just happened?  Luis Palomino defeated the number one challenger at 155-pounds….. without issue.  In the very first round, Palomino drops Jim Alers twice and the fight is over.

BKFC 14 results below:

Main Card – 9 pm ET

(155lbs Championship) Luis Palomino (c) defeated Jim Alers via KO – Round 1, 0:44

(185lbs bout) Jake Bostwick vs. Tyler Vogel goes to overtime after a winner not declared.  The winner of the round wins the fight.  Bostick wins (no score announced)

(125lbs bout) Britain Hart defeated Randine Eckholm via TKO – Round 4, 1:21

(175lbs bout) Francesco Ricchi defeated Noah Cutter via TKO – Round 3, 0:31

(195lbs bout) Uly Diaz defeated Donelei Benedetto via KO – Round 1, 0:03

(135lbs bout) Jarod Grant defeated Chris Johnson via TKO (corner threw in towel) – Round 3, 0:24

(155lbs bout) Eddie Hoch defeated Jeff Chiffens via KO (corner threw in towel) – Round 2, 1:01

(195lbs bout) Lorenzo Hunt defeated Davian Green via TKO – Round 2, 0:49

Preliminary Bouts – 8 pm ET

(165lbs bout) Alan Arzeno defeated Fred Pierce via TKO (leg injury) – Round 1, 1:31

(175lbs bout) – Kenmon Evans defeated Sedric Johnson via KO – Round 1, 1:40

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