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Olivier Aubin-Mercier switched to animal based diet prior to PFL debut

Interview with Olivier Aubin-Mercier above – Check it out


Former UFC lightweight Olivier Aubin Mercier (11-5) discusses his PFL debut Marcin Held (27-7) at PFL 2021 #4 on June 10. Olivier also talks about being out of action since 2019, having a limited training camp due to COVID-19 restrictions in Quebec and what we can expect on June 10.

“I have a lot of (health) problems, I don’t know if I’m tired or hurt. I started for a week, I didn’t do the carnivore diet, but I did an animal-based diet. Carbs were there, fruits, I just cut out (greens). After one week I felt super good. I felt almost mad it worked because I was kind of trolling Georges St-Pierre (who does that diet). I was feeling better, less anxious. A lot of things changed. I’ve continued and my weight is good. I truly feel great.”



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