Oscar Kong returns to Australian Fighting Championships

Power and Heart – Oscar Kong returns to Australian Fighting Championships

Martial Arts enigma Oscar Kong will return to the Australian Fighting Championships on October 28 when he battles Luke Spears in a compelling Middleweight Fight. Oscar’s debut fight, coupled with his amateur fight, have escalated him to the category of wrecking machine with a granite chin and huge heart. Oscar’s AFC debut is something he will chalk up to experience:

“En…. it was great experience for me to fight in front of more than 700 people”

Through no lack of effort, unfortunately Oscar didn’t get the win in his debut professional fight. In a cruel turn of events, as Oscar was embroiled in a contest that resembled a good ol’ fashioned bar fight, he was cut badly and the referee made the call to end the fight. As a true warrior would, Oscar simply wishes the ref would have let him keep on punching:

“The cut end the fight. I was walking forward looking for big punches, but should always defend myself and seeking for chances. I was upset for my performance. I prefer the doctor clean my blood give me a try. Because my opponent broke his right hand, having a big chance for me to win that fight”

As Oscar is fully aware, his ‘push forward and trade’ style, although visually appealing does leave him exposed and open to taking a few big shots, which is exactly what happened in his last fight. Oscar now knows he needs to mould a level of defence into his aggressive approach:

“I am working on my defend and fighting smart”

Oscar is a valued member of XFC Australian Top Team, and consequently gets the opportunity to train with some of the best martial artists in the sport. In preparation for October 28, Oscar’s martial arts home will remain the same:

“I’m training in XFC. Kelly Seif will be my key coach”

When the October 28 does finally roll around, Oscar will mix it up with heavy hitting Middleweight Luke Spears. Luke for one is excited to get the opportunity to fight on such a huge platform, and Oscar is already constructing an effective game plan to ensure he gets that elusive ‘W’. Oscar also believes his opponent’s weight is less about muscle and more about facial hair:

“Luke he was 77kg in March 2017. Now he going to fight in 84kg middleweight. I don’t know if he puts 7kg of muscle or grow 7kg of beard. I’m very curious. Different situation makes different game plan for me to fight”

As Oscar continues to put his game plan together, and seeks to determine the exploitable weaknesses of his opponent, Oscar is confident success will be sought via two simple elements:

“My power and huge heart”

The recent announcement of the AFC’s partnership with KLF Kunlun Fight has the Australasian martial arts community buzzing; and whilst Oscar fully understands the opportunities that await should he impress on October 28, China will always hold a very special place in his heart:

“I’m originally from Shanghai China. It is a great chance for Chinese audience know me. I will train hard and fight hard. Let everybody enjoy the show”

So Oscar has a huge fight awaiting him on October 28, however his friend and training partner Jamie Abdallah has an even bigger fight in the form of UFC and PRIDE veteran Sokoudjou. Having spent an abundant amount of time around Jamie in recent months, Oscar is confident he knows how the Light Heavyweight Title Fight will go down:

“Sokoudjou is a very experience fighter also strong like a animal, but he is getting old the best time of him is passed. Me and Jamie both of us from XFC Australia top team. I wish Jamie could win this fight knock Sokoudjou out. It will happen. Best wishes to Jamie”

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