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Ramsey Nijem on fighting Brian Foster at PFL2: “I’m going to go out there to make it a show, and look for the finish from the beginning to the end”

Lightweight mixed martial artist Ramsey Nijem joined Sean Lennon, host of The Fightlete Report, to talk about his upcoming fight against Brian Foster at Professional Fighters League’s PFL 2 going down this Thursday, June 21 in Chicago, Illionois.  Ramsey was on TUF Season 25 Redemption and has competed previously in the UFC.  He currently holds a pro MMA record of 9-3 and trains with the Skrap Pack.

Sean Lennon – Talk about Professional Fighters League, as a former UFC fighter how do you feel about joining this upstart promotion and the tournament format presented?

Ramsey Nijem – “It’s definitely a really exciting thing to be a part of.  It’s  something new and fresh, I know how to win the title in this organization.  There’s a definitely a clear path, it’s managed by Ray Sefo a former fighter who’s super respectful.  I’m super excited to get in there and fight and show off all the hard work I’ve been doing.  I’ve been working on my jiu-jitsu the past couple years. I’ve been training, I’ve been fighting and I feel like I’m finally in my prime! I’m stronger and smarter than I’ve ever been, I’m just excited.”

Sean – Moving forward if you win the Lightweight tournament and the 1 million how does that change your life?

Ramsey – “That’s very life-changing money for sure. You can buy a house outright and not make mortgage payments, that would be nice.”

Sean – For someone like you who’s been a veteran of the sport, I’m sure you feel like you deserve it and earned it after giving so much blood, sweat, and tears for this.

Ramsey – “I definitely feel this opportunity has come because of all the hard work I’ve put in.  I still have a long route and still have some tough opponents and fights.  It’s definitely a thing that’s set up for me I feel like.  I love tournaments I love hard things I love to make it a challenge, the more challenging it is the more fun it is sometimes.”

Sean – Talk about your opponent Brian Foster, tough veteran he’s recently competed under WSOF including an 8 man tournament before what are you expecting from him?

Ramsey – “I’m expecting a veteran that knows how to fight.  He’s a tough guy and has fought some of the best guys in the world. He’s not sharing cages with tough guys like that all the time and not learning anything with win losses and draws.    Being in there with someone who is high caliber and is going to help you elevate.  I’m excited I’m thankful that he’s going to step up and he’s a big name and its a great opportunity to show off what I’m doing, definitely one of those fights everyone wants to watch.  Whenever I’m on a card everyone’s like “Oh here comes Ramsey sit down and see what he’s going to do.”  Because they know I’m going to go out there to make it a show, and look for the finish from the beginning to the end.”


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