Reebok To Make Fighter Uniforms For UFC?

There has been plenty of discussion of fighter uniforms for the UFC, which would in turn result in fighters to lose many of their own sponsors. This hasn’t been the most popular decision, and many fighters were discouraged in the possibility of losing a lot of sponsorship money that comes from wearing logos on their clothing, or adding them on their fight banners.

Dethrone Royalty, one of the biggest sponsors in the MMA business, posted the following on their Twitter account:

dethrone tweet

“Heard uniform announcement coming tomorrow.  We were never all about looking the same.  We’ll stay that way, thanks.  #goodluckreebok”

There is no confirmation yet and this is speculation as of right now. If the deal were to go through, it would require fighters to wear the Reebok apparel and logo during their entrance to the octagon, fight and during their post-fight interviews. Fighters would still be allowed to seek other sponsorships outside of the cage.

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