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Ring of Combat 66 Results from Atlantic City, New Jersey

Ring of Combat 66 Results from Atlantic City, New Jersey

Ring of Combat 66   – November 16, 2018 live results

Tropicana Hotel and Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ

Louis Neglia and Dead Serious Promotions close out 2018 with their sixth MMA event of the year.  Three fights are featured title elimination bouts.

Ring of Combat 66 results below:

150 lbs       Nazim Sadykhov           Mutant MMA/ K Dojo                vs            Juan Galarza        Silver Fox BJJ

First minute was a feeling out process.  Finally a clinch.  Ref breaks.  Spinning back kick from Nazim that lands but Galarza hangs on to the leg, and takes the back very smoothly.  Nazim in complete defense mode but can’t escape the rear naked choke and taps at 3:38

Juan ” Baby Face” Galarza with the  RNC submission victory   3:38 round 1


135 lbs        Christopher  ” the Jungle” Johnson     Bomb Squad             vs                  Chris ” Showbiz” Doisonell         Renzo Gracie Latham

Round 1   Lots of dancing and not much action early in round.  Disonell definitely had the better exchanges, then with 20 seconds left in the round, Johnson scored on a takedown and brief ground strikes before Disonell got up and the bell rang

Round 2    Disonell the busier fighter.  Nice leg kick knocking Johnson off-balance.  Disonell takes advantage and secures the takedown.  Back to the feet.  Nice jab from Showbiz and a 1-2.   Continues with leg kicks.  Johnson is not active at all and is totally trying to counter.  Strong round for Disonell

Round 3  Johnson still tentative to open up.  Nice single leg takedown from Disonell.  Now landing ground and pound.  Back standing.  Disonell nice sprawl and turns it into side control.  Back to the feet and the fight ends.  Pretty one-sided

Chris ” Showbiz” Disonell wins by  unanimous decision  30-27 on all cards


175 lbs          Lenny ” the Gorilla” Rufati           Roufusports                   vs                   Andy ” the Python” Segovia        Tiger Schulmann Fight Team

Rufati in his pro debut.  Segovia is 1-0.  Rufati aggressive and gets a quick double leg but Segovia back up.  Knee from Rufati as he continues to pressure.  Rufati eats a knee but secures another takedown. Back to feet and clench.   Low blow from Segovia has caused a brief stoppage.  Rufati with another takedown and Segovia reverses it in the last 10 seconds of the round.

Round 2   Rufati immediately with a takedown.  Segovia after a kimura attempt has reversed and has the back.  Body triangle from Andy as Lenny fights back.  Despite fighting defensively,  Rufati lands some punches.  Segovia into the mount.  Now the back again.  Rufati will not give in and we go to the 3rd round.  Segovia controlled cage positioning majority of round

Round 3    The Gorilla goes immediately for the clinch.  Segovia defends as they grind against the cage.  Rufati does score the takedown.  Segovia out.  Fight is a battle of attrition.  Both guys battling.  Segovia looking for takedown.  Good sprawl from Lenny.  To the judge’s scorecards.  I had Rufati winning rounds 1 and 3.

29-28 on all scorecards for Lenny ” the Gorilla” Rufati


155 lbs          Nick Rodrigues     Evolution Fitness of Concord      vs           Dennis Buzukja        Law MMA

Buzukja must have sold a ton of tickets.  Place is going nuts for his entrance.  Both fighters fans are chanting.  This place is hopping.  Fighters clenched on cage.  Buzukja ecures the takedown.  Back to the feet. No damage.  Rodrigues now with the takedown and gets the back simultaneously.  Buzukja works back to standing.  End of round

Round 2  Head kick glances and scores from Dennis.  Dennis continues looking for the takedown.  Solid defense from Nick.  Tons of clenching and Buzukja does get the takedown.  He has controlled position most of the round and was the aggressor.

Round 3   Early scoring combo from Buzukja.  Vicious knee to the jaw from Buzukja.  Rodrigues goes on defensive tries to clinch.  Remainder of the round is spent on the cage as Buzukja defended well against the takedown.  Rodrigues didn ot want to trade after a quick separation and the round comes to a close.

Nick Rodrigues wins by unanimous decision     29-28 30-27 30 -27….I’m a little baffled by that one


185 lbs         Dustin “All Day” Long             D3 Elite           vs                                     Kyle Daukaus          Martinez BJJ

Two very tall middleweights.  Southpaw Daukaus is aggressor early on with a nice left and now secures the takedown. Kyle has his back and is looking for the choke.  Softening him up with strikes.  Body triangle is locked in.  Daukaus with the impressive performance.  Totally in control and now moves to 5-o with his fifth straight submission victory.  Remember his name.  He operates like a surgeon.

Kyle Daukaus wins by submission via one handed RNC at 2:51 of round 1

185 lbs          Tyler Baer               Miller Brothers            vs                        Thomas Powell          Phully’s Next Champ

First half of the round has been all clinching against the cage.  Tyler Baer has been pressuring.  Dirty boxing from both.  Referee Bill Bookwalter separates fighters.  Round ends.  Not much striking in the stand-up

Round 2  Baer  looking for the takedown but Powell is opening up with some hands.  Powell wants to throw.  Baer wants to grapple.  More clenching.  Powell is now pressuring Baer up against the cage. Not much action.  Battle for position.  Ref separates.  Nice body kick from Powell but Baer eats it and gets the clench.

Round 3  Leg kicks heavy from Powell.  Good sprawl and back to the assault from Powell.  Powell scoring with lefts.  Baer clinches and grabs a takedown.  Baer looks like he passed guard into mount.  Powell holding on.  Baer scoring on the ground.  Powell makes it to the feet with 10 seconds left but it may not have been enough.

Tyler Baer wins on all scorecards   29-28 30-27 30-27     Baer will next face Kyle Daukaus for the vacant ROC Middleweight title


155 lbs           Joe Solecki             Salyt Dog JJ                 vs                      Gilbert Patrocino            Carnicella MMA

Solecki with a nice duck under and secures a takedown.  Looking for the body triangle and has the back.  Solecki in control.  Nice reversal but Solecki set him up for the triangle and then an arm bar attempt while holding on to the triangle and after an attempted slam escape, Solecki sinks the triangle tighter and finishes the submission.

Joe Solecki goes to 6-2 with a submission by triangle choke at 2:37 of round 1


150 lbs           Shane Manley      Cortland                      vs                       Anthony ” the Parmesian” Facchini            Inferno MMA

Both fighters exchange.  Southpaw Faccini looks crisp, but Manley shoots and scores the takedown.  Scoring punches from the top for Manley.  Manley ends round 1 on the top for a convincing round.

Round 2 Early clinch from Manley.  He wants to make it dirty,  Facchini can’t get any separation.  Guillotine attempt from Facchini and locks it tight to earn the submission.

Anthony ” the Parmesian” Faccini with a victory by submission via guillotine choke at 2:18 of round 2


Ring of Combat 67 is back on February 22, 2019



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