Rise Submission

Gordon vs. Cope in Main Event. Result was a Draw.

Rise Submission Invitational Results

Rise Submission
Gordon vs. Cope in Main Event. Result was a Draw.

The Rise Submission Invitational inaugural event took place last night at The Space at Westbury, in Westbury, New York. The event was presented by Lou Neglia and New York Fighting.com. The RSI delivered fans in attendance nine undercard fights, an eight-man Tournament in the 170-pound weight class, and three Super Fights on the Main Card. The headliner was Ring of Combat champion and Former UFC fighter Eddie “Truck” Gordon and UFC veteran, Chris Cope.

In the Rise Submission eight-man tournament, Jason Rau of Serra BJJ submitted his way to gold. Rau received a championship belt, which was wrapped around his waist and a check for $1,000.

Fight of the Night Honors would have to be awarded to the eight-man tournament semi-finals match between Alex Oliveira and David Oliveira. The two BJJ artists grappled their way into overtime. Performance of the Night was won by no other, Current UFC fighter, Randy “Rude Boy” Brown. Brown scored numerous takedowns while attacking his opponent on the mat from numerous angles. Watch his bout below.

Rise Submission Invitational directors, Lou Neglia and Matt Cully have yet to announce a future date for their second installment of Rise Submission Invitational.

Randy Brown Fight:

Rise Submission Undercard Results:

Fight 1 – 115-1125lbs – Sofia Mirabella (Tiger Schulmanns) vs. Lily Sherer ( Tri-State MMA/BJJ) – Draw

Fight 2 – 110-120lbs – Jessica Ruiz (Alpha Omega) vs. Victoria Lane (Commack MMA) – Draw

Fight 3 – 155-165lbs – Estevinson Carmona (Scarola/Gracie Barra) vs Nino Ridolfi ( LAW MMA) – Draw

FIght 4 – 145-155lbs – Sean Larkin (Commack MMA) vs. Anthony George (BK MMA) – Draw

Fight 5 – 215-225lbs – Ryan Muncan (LAW MMA) vs. Pete Nelson (Monster BJJ) – Draw

Fight 6 – 140-150lbs – Robert Wallin (Alpha Omega) vs. Ronnie DaVilla (Budoka/Renzo Gracie) – Draw

Fight 7 – 155-165lbs – Adam de Oliveira (Scarola/Gracie Barra) vs. Akbar Muhammaed (Budokan Martial Arts) – Draw

Fight 8 – 130-140lbs – Danny Ramirez (Tiger Schulmanns) def. Brandon Joza (Striking 101) via Leg Triangle Choke, at 2:04.

Fight 9 – 185-195lbs – Ron Gilberti (Monster BJJ) def. John Gotti Jr. (Panza /LI MMA) via Leg Triangle Choke, at 2:18.

8 – Man Tournament: Winner Takes Home $1,000

Round 1:

Fight 1 – Jason Rau (Serra BJJ) def. Adam Collarille (914 Training Center) via Heel hook, at 1:36.

Fight 2 – James Hasemann (Over Under BJJ) def. Aldo Oranville (BK MMA) def. via Heel Hook, at 1:49.

Fight 3 – Alex Oliveira (Mantra BJJ) def. Nick Manela (Gracie Barra Princeton) via Arm Bar, at 1:29.

Fight 4 – David Oliveira (Marcelo Gracie) def. Van Flores (Vitor Shaolin) via Foot Lock, at 6:15.

Round 2:

Fight 1 – Jason Rau (Serra BJJ) def. James Hasemann (Over Under BJJ) via Heel Hook, at 0:17.

Fight 2 – Alex Oliveira (Mantra BJJ) def. David Oliveira (Marcelo Gracie) via Overtime Rules.


Jason Rau (Serra BJJ) def. Alex Oliveira (Mantra BJJ) via Heel Hook.

Main Card Super Fights:

Fight 1 – Nick Pace (Tiger Schulmanns) vs. Alex Ecklin (Vitor Shaolin) – Draw

Fight 2- Randy Brown (Budokan Martial Arts) def. Frank Cancolino (Scarola/Gracie Barra) via D’Arce Choke, at 5:36.

Fight 3 – Main Event – Eddie “Truck” Gordon (Serra BJJ) vs. Chris Cope (Monster BJJ/Unique Fitness Extreme) – Draw


John Gotti Undercard Headliner: