RIZIN 36 - Kai Asakura returns against undefeated Road FC prospect

RIZIN 36 – Kai Asakura returns against undefeated Road FC prospect

RIZIN CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara, held a press conference on June 1 and announced updates about RIZIN 36 – the promotion’s seventh event of the year.

Sakakibara announced 13 bouts for the July 2 event in Okinawa.

“We are very excited to be back in Okinawa after a successful regional debut. We will be having several local stars from legends to prospects who are motivated to showcase their skills on a major platform. We are excited to put on an event with full capacity and continue coming back to the wonderful island of Okinawa.” ,

Regarding the remaining schedule of the year, he continued “We will start to pick up the pace of events starting this summer, and am looking at 7-8 more events for the rest of the year.”

RIZIN.36 – Okinawa Arena, July 2nd

Kai Asakura vs Yan Ji Yeon [61kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Kohei Tokeshi vs Atsushi Kishimoto [71kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Tanner Lourenco vs Oriya Oshiro [71kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Hiroaki Suzuki vs Ren Hiramoto [66kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Sora Yamamoto vs Kyle Aguon [66kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Yutaro Muramoto vs BJ [57kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Yuki Ito vs Yuichi Miyagi [57kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Yamato Fujita vs Tatsuya So [57kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Mitsuhisa Sunabe vs Nobuyoshi Nakatsukasa [54kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Saori Oshima vs Miyuu Yamamoto [49kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Nisse vs Suda Moeri [49kg – RIZIN MMA rules]
Katsumi Miyagi vs Yuki Yoshino [72.5kg – RIZIN Kickboxing rules]
Taiga vs Soichiro Mita [61kg – RIZIN Kickboxing rules]

Doors are expected to open at 12:30PM with the Opening Ceremony at 2:00PM on July 2nd (Sat) at the Okinawa

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