Ryot VERB DHV Dry Herb Vaporizer

Whether you are into smoking cannabis, or (CBD) Cannabidiol (which is the milder, non-psychoactive version of cannabis), the method in which you do it can be cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be.

Water bongs can be bulky, and a chore to clean depending on how large and detailed they are.  Joints can be difficult for some to roll and can leave a lingering smell that lets those around you know that you just indulged in the Devil’s Lettuce.

Dry herb vaporizers have changed the game and for the better.

Say goodbye to lingering odors, bulky products, lighters, and messy situations requiring cleanup.

The VERB DHV Dry Herb Vaporizer by Ryot is my go-to product these days.  It is so small and compact that it fits in my pocket and is no larger than a lighter, which I would have had to carry around anyway if I was smoking by way of another method.

I no longer need a lighter.  I no longer need a bong or a joint, and I no longer have any stinky odor giving away the fact that I just toked away.  Cleanup is virtually non-existent which is also a HUGE plus.  The VERB Dry Herb Vaporizer comes with a pick to clean and dump.  I carry just as much herb as I need for the day, and it takes just seconds to heat up.  It is simply amazing.

With so many dry herb vapes on the market, Ryot sat back and expected somebody to make a pocketable vape that was easy to load, easy to use and gave a hit that could truly satisfy. After years of waiting, we realized that no one was going to produce a vape “For Smokers by Smokers”. So that’s they’ve done. HIT IT!


Dimensions: 113mm x 35mm x 19mm
Battery: Li-ion Battery
Capacity: 1200 mAH 300 x Charge
Battery Life: 6-8 Sessions Per Charge
Weight: 0.4kg (Unit)
Output Voltage: 3.4+ Resistance: 1-0-1-2 ohm

Designed for Ease of Use
Innovative Stay Cool Smooth Draw Mouth Piece
Easy Load Funneled Oven Chamber
Integrated Stainless Steel Magnetic Removable Poker
Rapid Heating Temperature Control
OLED Display
Slim Hips
Limited 2 Year Warranty

1 Micro USB Charging Cable
1 Cleaning Brush
25 pc. Cotton Swabs
1 Magnetic Removable Poker


In 2000, RYOT began designing and manufacturing modern lifestyle accessories uniquely geared to our times. We create innovative, high-quality and purposeful products that have elevated the smoking experience for hundreds of thousands of customers. As a company, we design and build all of our products, specifically to meet our needs and those of our customers.

RYOT is a trusted brand endorsed by smokers, featured in Forbes, Esquire, High Times, Wirecutter and other publications with ongoing collaborations together alongside Playboy, Chocolate Skateboards, HUF Apparel, Raw Rolling papers andmany others.

We aim to partner with companies that are passionate about designing high quality, well-designed, functional products. While we develop general terms and offers, we take into account the unique characteristics of your users. We do not believe in one-size fits all approaches to affiliate marketing. To succeed, however, you must have the right tools. It is our goal to provide them to you.

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