Scott Coker says hed match the Paul brothers with sombody ranked in the top 10

Scott Coker says he’d match the Paul brothers with “somebody ranked in the top 10”

In an interview with TMZ Sports, former founder and CEO of Strikeforce and current president of Bellator MMA, Scott Coker made a bold statement as to where he would place the Paul brothers if they decided to transition to mixed martial arts.

In the interview, Coker states that if the Paul brothers “wanted really get serious and do it, we’d bring them in. Sure, why not.” 

He continues to say, “I think those guys are great athletes” and “don’t underestimate them in MMA.”

“They could do it,” Coker says. 

When asked where he would place the brothers for their first bout, Coker states that he would not match them up with “someone like Gegard Mousasi or anything like that.” 

“Maybe somebody ranked in the top ten, but maybe towards eight and nine, eight, nine, ten,” Coker tells TMZ sports.

Full interview below: 


The brothers, Jake and Logan Paul have been looking to enter the world of MMA since making the transition from YouTube to boxing. As a professional boxer, Logan Paul has gone 0-1-0, having lost his pro debut to KSI back in 2019. Since then, he has gone on to box Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout. 

His younger brother, Jake Paul, has racked up a record of 5-0-0 with 4 KOs as a professional boxer. Holding victories over Ali Eson Gib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley. 

If the brothers do sign with Bellator sometime down the line, who would you like to see them go up against?

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