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SFLC Podcast: Is Dan Severn coming out of retirement to fight Ken Shamrock?

 Dan Severn talks with SFLC Podcast

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We are proudly brought you by Sissy Fighting Gear! Check them out at SissyFG.com This Episode could not wait another second to be released! We had the honor and privilege to chat with Dan “The Beast” Severn on the show and he is amazing! He talks about his amateur wrestling career including the most remarkable tournament run I’ve ever heard of! Then he transitioned to his UFC career, how he got into it, his fights with Ken Shamrock & Royce Gracie among others. We then transition into his pro ‘Rasslin’ (as he calls it) career including his run with the WWE. He talks about Jim Cornette, the Brawl 4 All and working with the late great Owen Hart! And then, we ask him about rumors and rumblings the MMA Community has been hearing as it relates to a certain someone’s “Big Announcement”! We ask and the answer we receive is a lot more then we bargained for! This episode is a must listen! Follow us on Twitter – @SFLCPodcast

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