Sherman Cage Rage VI Results – Holt bloodies Dudley

Sherman Cage Rage VI Results – Holt bloodies Dudley

Mixed martial arts action returned to the Sherman Theater in downtown Stroudsburg, Pa., for the sixth time, May 3.  With two professional and five amateur bouts on the evening the venue was filled with action from bell to bell.

Fans were also treated to the first ever female MMA bout the promotion held at the Theater and the ladies didn’t disappoint, delivering a knockout performance, literally.

Full Fight Card Results below:

Pro Bouts (3 x 5 minutes rounds)


Paul Holt (260 lbs.) Binghamton, N.Y., Five Element MMA) vs. JA Dudley (Plainfield, N.J.) (6-12)

For the first two or minutes of the round the two heavyweights were pressed up against the cage with not much action going in the favor of either competitor. The referee eventually separated the two and Holt lit Dudley up with strikes. It was apparent that Dudley wanted out of there as he just kept reaching for Holt’s shorts. Dudley looks tired and unless he can find a way to neutralize the size and strength of Holt he is going to lose.

At the start of the second round Holt again delivers vicious strikes so Dudley tries to take the fight to the ground and he is successful.   He is on top of Holt but the mammoth Holt is throwing elbows. Moments later the referee stops the action and no one is sure why. Holt is drenched in blood. But it’s all Dudley’s. Dudley is stood up to be looked at. He is cut open bad but somehow allowed to continue fighting. The action resumes and not even a minute later the fight is ended as Holt opens the wounds even more.

Paul Holt defeat JA Dudley via TKO at 3:50 in Round 2


Quentin Gaskins (140 lbs.) (Five Element MMA) (Pro Debut) vs. Jeremiah Yeager (140.6 lbs.) (Erie, Pa.)

The two fighters are feeling each other out with a variety of kicks and punches. Gaskins seems to have the slight advantage on the feet. Yeager pressing Gaskins up along the cage to work a takedown and the two competitors reverse position several times working for the dominant position. In the final seconds of the round Yeager is throwing down hard strikes on Gaskins who is on the mat. As the signal for the final 10 seconds is heard Yeager walks away thinking the round is over, and the referee has to instruct him and Gaskins to continue fighting.

In the second round you could feel the breeze as there was a windmill effect from the two fighters simultaneously throwing right hand punches and both missing.     Moments later Gaskins severely hurts Yeager with a right cross and forces Yeager to back up. Somewhere in the mix Gaskins must have received a shot to the groin and the referee halts the action momentarily. When the resume action Gaskins grabs the leg of his opponent forcing Yeager to balance on one foot and he accidentally lands a strike to the back of the head of Gaskins. Once again the action is temporarily stopped and Yeager receives a warning. After continuation Gaskins receives a knee to the face but returns the favor with a foot across the face of Yeager.

In the third round Yeager is having more success with his kicks but Gaskins is doing more damage with his strikes. Every time he puts his hands on Yeager he stuns him or backs him up. The round could go either way but is likely to be awarded to Gaskins.

Quentin Gaskins defeats Jeremiah Yeager via unanimous decision (30-27)


Pete Gonzalez (155 lbs., Stroudsburg, Pa., Team Chamber MMA) (3-0) vs. Justin Adams (160 lbs., York, Pa.,) (2-2) (3 x 2 minute rounds)

Gonzalez stuns Adams with a right. The two are trading leather and then the fight goes to the ground and Gonzalez applies a guillotine choke but cannot pull off the submission. Gonzalez repositions his hips at the end of the round applying an armbar but the clock expires.

At the start of the second round the two fighters are exchanging fists with Gonzalez landing more effectives strikes. Adams decides he has enough and takes Gonzalez down but doesn’t do anything with the position after the men hit the mat.

Again Gonzalez was getting the better of Adams with strikes and the York, Pa., native decided to take the fight to the ground. Gonzalez is working off his back as the two fighters are hitting each other’s ribs with jabs.  Adams seemed to want to play it safe with wrestling with the Chamber MMA fighter Gonzalez had a more developed box of tools that he was able to enlist and use to take home a decisive win.

Pete Gonzalez defeated Justin Adams via unanimous decision (29-28)


Luke Mathis (145 lbs., Hanover, Pa.,) (amateur debut) vs. George Cepero (150 lbs.) (3 x 2 minute rounds)

Immediately Mathis gets a takedown, landing bombs to the body of his opponent and bruising is immediately apparent. The first round concludes with Mathis in a dominant top position.

In the second round Cepero stuns Mathis quickly and Mathis keeps working for a takedown. Cepero wraps his legs around the head of Mathis and secures an inverted triangle choke to claim victory.

George Cepero defeats Luke Mathis via inverted triangle choke submission at 1:37 in Round 2.  George Cepero earns the MyMMA News Submission of the Night.


Valentina DeConza (153 lbs., East Stroudsburg, Pa., Team Chamber MMA) (amateur debut )vs. Kate Riley (150 lbs., Bingmonton, N.Y. (amateur debut) (3 x 2 minute rounds)

The ladies coming out swinging. Ten times more strikes in this round than both of the first two male fights combined. DeConza comes darting out at Riley with strikes but Riley lands a spinning back fist that drops DeConza. DeConza gets up and shakes it off telling Riley to come at her. The entire round the two ladies are throwing bombs. Crowd goes wild.

Round 2 – INSANE Knockout. DeConza drops Riley straight back. Brutal knockout. Crowd on feet.

Valentina DeConza defeats Kate Riley by knockout at 0:13 in Round 2

This fight makes history as the first female fight for Sherman Cage Rage.  It also marks the first time that a female fight gets both the MyMMANews Knockout of the Night and the MyMMANews Fight of the Night.  Congratulations ladies.


Trevor ‘The New York Strangler’ McGovern (194 lbs., New York, N.Y., Renzo Gracie Academy) (4-1) vs. Daryl ‘Double Barrel’ LaBour (195 lbs. Five Element Fight Club) (3-3)     (3 x 2 minute rounds)

Not much action in the first round. LaBour had McGovern pressed up against the cage with double under hooks, a test to see who the stronger fighter is. In the second round the Renzo Gracie student, McGovern, worked a rear-naked choke and in the final 10 seconds he was able to flatten LaBour’s belly on the mat and sink the choke in tighter, but not before time expired. LaBour was virtually saved by the bell. The trick eventually worked in the third round when McGovern forced LaBour to tap via rear-naked choke.

Trevor McGovern defeated Daryl LaBour via rear-naked choke submission at 1:31 in Round 3.


Tyler Vajda (160 lbs., Middletown, Pa.) (3-4) vs. Alex ‘The Silent Assassin’ Sinprasith (155 lbs., Ednicott, N.Y( 3-2) (3 x 2 minute rounds)

Sinsprasith comes out wearing a bandana over his face and to the tune of the whistle song from the Kill Bill movie.  It had a very creepy feel to it.

Pretty even first round. Vajda landing heavy kicks to the legs and worked in a guillotine, but in return Sinprasith also landed more strikes on the feet and when the fight went to the ground he maintained a dominant position. Very hard to judge two minute rounds.

In round two Vajda found success in striking, pushing Sinprasith back up against the cage but when the fight went to the ground Vajda made an amateur mistake attempting a guillotine from the wrong side and ended up giving full side control. Had the bout been a pro bout he might have been finished by strikes or elbows to the head on the ground.

In the third round Vajda managed to work out of not only a rear-naked choke but also a very deep armbar that would have forced others to submit. The third round was controlled by Sinprasith and the fight will go to the judges.

Tyler Vajda defeated Alex Sinprasith via unanimous decision (29-28)

“I took the fight on three days’ notice” Vajda said after the fight. “I was looking for a knockout or a submission.”

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